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Thanks Matt Herrlett :D
Out Today!
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New York - Max Graham Cycles 8 OTC

No words needed for this one.
This Friday I'll be doing the guest mix for Group Therapy with Above & Beyond lots of new bits from Cycles. 8 and myself including my new one with Estiva ☺
3rd Feb | 19:00 BST - 2PM EDT
Cycles 8 is #4 on iTunes! if you are going to grab it do it now so we can push it up to #1 :D [ Link ]
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Las Vegas - After

New single from Estiva and myself. This is the club mix out Feb 6th on Cycles.
I LOVE this record. This track was born out of my frustration at the end of 2014 that the trance I loved was being steered towards a more mainstage / commercial type sound and in my opinion losing it's groove and soul. "Redemption" was a marriage of techno drums that have that drive, soul and groove but also containing a musical and emotive breakdown. Wanting so desperately to feel what trance...
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Max Graham - Redemption [Cycles]

Download on Beatport: Download on iTunes: Redemption is the next track in a long list of evolving releases fr...

Weeeeee physical copies are here...
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Vancouver - Max Graham Cycles 8 Tour OTC