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#Delhi, #GoTakeAWalk and invite everyone to be a part of it. REGISTER here to participate for #WalkForHealth: [ Link ]
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From taking meticulous care of the surgical site to keeping track of your follow-up schedule with your oncologist, returning to normal routine life after a fight against breast cancer is indeed very challenging. Find all your queries on living life after breast cancer in this interactive blog .Read on to find more.

What Should be the Post-Surgery Breast Cancer Care?
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Log on to this live video chat with Dr Pradeep Chowbey on 17th February at 1.30pm to get all your questions answered on Hernia and its management.
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Dilli Waalas! It’s time to leave laziness behind and #GoTakeAWalk.
Get up and REGISTER today for #WalkForHealth [ Link ]
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Cancer is widespread in our country and the number of cases being detected every day is growing by every second. With cancer detection being at an all-time high, it’s important to be versed about the disease’s myths and misconceptions. To read more about cancer, go here: [ Link ]

Know About the Common Cancer Myths and Misconceptions
Watch the inspiring story of how Mrs. Dauris Fransis, a social activist who looked after the welfare of orphaned children, won her battle with cervical cancer with the help of Max Healthcare’s advanced medical care.
A family history of cancer or habits like chronic smoking/alcoholism are some of the reasons that will put you at a greater risk for cancer. Regular screening is a great way to detect cancer and treat it at the earliest without any delay.
With great pleasure, we welcome Dr. Subhash Gupta and his team (the pioneers of liver transplantation in South Asia) to the Center for Liver & Biliary sciences, Saket to initiate liver transplant facilities. The best doctors for the toughest of cases because we are #EagerToGetYouHome
Live chat is beginning in 5 mins! Dr. Ranga Rao, senior oncologist at Max Healthcare will be available to answer all your queries on cancer. Please post your queries in the comments section below.
This World Cancer Day, don't let doubts prevail. Get all your cancer-related queries answered from India's top oncologist Dr. Ranga Rao today. Join us for a FB live session between 1-2pm. #KnowCancer #WorldCancerDay
Most cancer types present with one or more of these symptoms and is crucial to seek expert medical attention as soon as you notice them. Earlier detection of cancer leads to greater success rates in its treatment. #WorldCancerDay
Did you know that if you are obese your chances of developing cancer increases by 1.5 times? Excessive body weight and cancer risk are inter-related and here is all that you should know about it.

Can Obesity Increase the Risk of Cancer (Infographic)?
What are the symptoms of cancer? What is the best way forward in treatment? This World Cancer Day, India's top oncologist Dr. Ranga Rao, will be live on Facebook between 1-2pm to answer all your queries.
Awareness is the best weapon against cancer. Stay tuned for more information. #WorldCancerDay
Max Emergency Medical Services is an integrated service of pre-hospital care at Max Healthcare. It is supported by a highly skilled clinical team with years of expertise in emergency care. The emergency process at Max Hospital starts with the assessment of the severity of the injuries and this process is known as triage. The doctors then assess whether to place the patients in a ward, in ICU...
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A first-aid kit is a must-have in any house/workplace/vehicle. Check out the items a first-aid kit should have to manage bruises/burn and other injuries. #OneStepAhead
If a person has suffered a cardiac arrest and is unresponsive, a CPR can buy some time before an ambulance arrives. Know CPR and stay #OneStepAhead of an emergency.