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By far the lowest price we've seen for one of AMD's top-end last-gen GPUs.

XFX Radeon Pro Duo drops way down to $800
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Can Intel's new CPUs take on a dedicated GPU?

Gaming without a dedicated graphics chip on i7-7700K
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One of the coolest PC case innovations we've seen in a while.

iBuyPower’s Snowblind PC with trippy LCD side panel is surprisingly affordable
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They're not quite audiophile quality, but great audio for the money.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers spotted online for $110
One of the best prices we've seen for a GTX 1060-powered laptop.

CyberPowerPC laptop with GeForce GTX 1060 is on sale for $877
FCC filings point to an update to Nvidia's handheld console.

A new Nvidia Shield handheld console could be coming
Microsoft is aware, but no fix has been announced.

Multi-monitor users may experience issues with new Windows update
Covers the basics up to extreme options Including delidding and LN2.

Gigabyte publishes overclocking guide to help push Kaby Lake to 5GHz