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Bitdefender continues to be our favorite antivirus suite, but we have a free pick too.

The best anti-virus
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Looks like AMD will finally compete with Intel on the CPU stage again.

New architecture details for AMD Ryzen processors leak
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Our more newsy colleagues, just picked up this gem of a story over on PC Gamer, but as it's so hardware focused, we want to know what you guys and gals think of it too.

Is 4 Mb/s down "enough" for the average joe?

FCC Commissioner says fast broadband is a novelty
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Need a new keyboard? We have you covered.

The best gaming keyboard
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Now Vulkan games will play nice with Intel integrated graphics.

Intel launches full support for Vulkan API
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Happy Valentine's Day. Go play some new games with new drivers!

AMD's 17.2.1 ReLive driver preps your PC for Sniper Elite 4 and For Honor
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Or perhaps it an as-yet-unannounced product?

MSI teases a small form factor GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080
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A $320 8-core/16-thread CPU? Yes, please!

New AMD Ryzen details emerge
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We just spotted this brilliant cartoon strip from Rock, Paper, Cynic on our newsfeed. What's your most hated software frustration? Ours? Printer and laptop bloatware.
We have a new favorite RGB mouse pad.

Best gaming mouse pad
More capacity and speed for storage enthusiasts.

The best NVMe SSD
Goodbye Skylake, hello Kaby Lake, still waiting for Ryzen.

The best PC gaming processor
Cooler Master is going for a more 'minimalist' appearance.

Cooler Master's MasterPro 6 brings a touch of elegance to its modular case line
Once you go solid state, you'll never want a spinning plate.

The best SSD for gaming