Happy Mother's Day to all military mums! Whether they're serving or not, tell us why she’s so special in the comments below.
“I saw the grave of a young Royal Norfolk lad who was just 17 years old when he died. I photographed his grave and then, looking at the picture, thought of myself at that age, learning to drive a tank in Bovington.”

Read the touching story of veteran Liam Young who travelled to France to commemorate the soldiers from his home town.

Liam's Journey of Remembrance

“It was pretty quiet down to Gibraltar and we entered the strait in a pea-souper, but next day when the fog cleared all hell broke loose: German and Italian planes just kept coming at us in waves. The sirens would wail; helmets on and man the guns, time and time again.”

George Miller, who served in the Maritime Royal Artillery during the Second World War, is now a Legion Chairman and Branch...
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George Miller's Story of Service

“Seeing the memorial for the first time, I was struck by the contrast between the bronze medallion and the stones either side of it."

Pete Dunning, a former Royal Marine who served in Afghanistan, tells The Royal British Legion what it was like to be at the unveiling of the Iraq and Afghan Memorial.

Former Royal Marine on the Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial

Happy World Poetry Day! On 3rd May 1915 John McCrae wrote the iconic First World War poem, In Flanders Field. Here, we tell the story of the poem and how it inspired our lasting symbol of hope and Remembrance, the red poppy.
“I went to the Legion and they gave me the funds to do my courses. It was one of the best things that could have happened.”

Jel found life difficult after leaving the Armed Forces, and eventually became homeless. After a near miss when scaffolding collapsed on him and his work mates, he decided to push harder to get his fitness qualifications, so he contacted us for help. Discover how we...
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From Homelessness to Fitness Trainer

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Find the perfect gift for your mum.

Mother's Day Gifts

“I’m so grateful for all they’ve done,” says Vivienne. “The Legion saved my life.”

During the Second World War Vivienne served as a WREN Air Mechanic and was posted to a naval base on the Orkney Islands from 1942-1945. We've identified a fire risk in her home, repairing several overloaded electrical sockets and fitting two smoke alarms. Only a week later a fire broke out in Vivienne’s kitchen.

Legion Fits Fire Detector for Veteran in Nick of Time

Listen to Tommy Roberts - a beneficiary of The Royal British Legion - talk about his most memorable moment from when he Served in Iraq.
"I woke up the following morning and I couldn't see. It was frightening. I found that with my lack of sight we needed some help, so I contacted The Royal British Legion."

Watch this video to see how we helped Alan after he was injured by an IED.
Yesterday, a memorial to those who served in the Gulf region, Iraq and Afghanistan was unveiled by our patron, HM The Queen. Hear from the veterans and Service personnel who were there.

Veterans and Service Personnel at Memorial Unveiling

Today, our patron HM The Queen unveiled a new memorial to acknowledge those who Served in the Gulf region, Iraq and Afghanistan. Here are some of our photo highlights.
"I’m proud of what we did out there, trying to go out and help others in need." - Mark Stonelake, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, is attending today's unveiling of the Iraq & Afghanistan Memorial. Read about what the memorial means to him.

Mark's Story - Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial Unveiling

“I never feel like a veteran as you only see men in the headlines. It still feels like a man’s world to me.”

Stacey has seen a lot in her 20-year career -- she has been deployed to Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Read about her incredible career in the Armed Forces and her life as a veteran.

Stacey's 20-Year Army Career

The transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life can be difficult. Discover how David Iveson found a new path after being injured in Iraq and diagnosed with PTSD.

A Story of Life After Service

"This project has successfully given the Armed Forces community another amazing outlet to express their emotions. Despite their trials and tribulations, their insecurities and vulnerabilities; the newly found sculptors’ lives have been changed through the Art of Recovery."

See how a Legion-backed art Brighton Art project has helped members of the Armed Forces community towards recovery and...
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Expressing Emotions through Art

This World Hearing Day, read about how The Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies has been investigating hearing loss amongst veterans, and possible remedies. #WorldHearingDay

Research Into Veteran's Hearing Loss

“I crawled 200 yards under continuous fire.”

Roy Cockburn left school at 18 to join the army -- three years later he was a Second Lieutenant leading patrols behind enemy lines at Normandy. Read his incredible story.

A first-hand account from a veteran who served in Normandy.

“Nobody must know what you do here. Not your mother, not your father, your sister, your brother.” I suppose I must have opened my mouth then because he added, “And don’t ask questions. The less you know, the less you can reveal if the worst happens.”

From spies being rescued by Polish countesses to working with the legendary Colonel Buckmaster, read Noreen Riol’s recollection of what it was...
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Memoirs from Churchill's Secret Army

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