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Ready for an exciting change of pace? See Rapunzel in a whole new light when Tangled: The Series premieres tonight at 7:30 p.m. on Disney Channel.
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Prepare for maximum magic with these Tangled: The Series fun facts!

These Exclusive Fun Facts From Tangled: The Series Will Delight You
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Charge toward a new adventure! Here's an exclusive look at the first five minutes of Tangled Before Ever After, premiering March 10 on Disney Channel.
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You're in for the ride of your life as Tangled is told in just 60 seconds! See the full film on ABC Television Network this Sunday at 8|7c, which includes a sneak peek of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Tangled Before Ever After.
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Hip, hip, hoo-neigh! The cast of Tangled: The Series is sure to make your day!
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Maximus and the gang are back for Tangled: Before Ever After and Tangled: The Series! Here are new details about release dates, casting, and the plot:

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi Just Adorably Announced the Tangled Series Premiere Date!
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Get ready for the ride of your life when Tangled: The Series premieres this March on Disney Channel.
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Two hooves way up for this Oh My Disney snowflake art!
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Raise the hoof and celebrate Tangled's anniversary today!
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Gallop through this quiz to see how well you remember Tangled:

Get 100% On This Trivia To Prove You're the Ultimate Tangled Fan
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The first look at Tangled: The Series has arrived! Check it out:

Breaking: Here's Your First Look at Disney Channel's Tangled: The Series!
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If you know deep down that Maximus is a total softie, you’ll love this article:

Disney Animals Who Are Both Cute and Intimidating
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If you're a big Tangled fan, see if you've spotted these small details hidden in the film:

7 Things You Only Notice When You Watch Tangled for the 100th Time
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Prove you’re the top Tangled fan by identifying its title treatment from only a single letter:

Quiz: Guess the Disney Movie From the Letter, Part 2
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No matter how tough you are, these Tangled GIFs will melt your heart:

11 Gorgeous Tangled GIFs
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No neigh-sayers here! Tangled will always be a classic:

9 Things Only Tangled Fans Will Understand
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If you're known for befriending animals, you definitely love Tangled to the max:

10 Ways You Loved Tangled
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The cuteness level is through the hoof!

Quiz: Can You Name the Cute Disney Animal?
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Do you hoof the same characteristics of this noble steed? Find out:

What Your Favorite Tangled Character Says About You