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Have you felt the #KABOOM ?

Share your favourite #KABOOM moment in the comments!
Maynards SA
01/19/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
Just imagine how much fun morning muesli would be if your yoghurt was this fruity
Maynards SA
01/17/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
Don't be alone in the moonlight....

Put your phone down & go make some Maynards Memories
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01/16/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
Here's how we're gonna #KABOOM your 2017

Turning frowns upside down since 1949!
Go from boring to exciting with a roundhouse kick of the fruity #KABOOM
Back to basics

Score a 'lil me time & relax with a packet of classic Maynards treats.
Back to school negotiations?

The guaranteed joy that comes from a snack pack of Maynards will soothe any tantrum
Bowie, GuptaGate, Brangelina, Caster, Donald Trump, Hlaudi Matsoeneng, & Babes Wodumo #KABOOM

Here's to 2016 Share your highs & lows in the comments.
Just when the going was gettin' good.

Beat the back to work heat & chillax with a packet of Maynards. #KABOOM
Shout out to our main man JZ for the extra public holiday! We'll be spending it eating Maynards on the couch
Sweet like a summers day, lit like a summers night

Grab a pack of Fruit Pastilles for a refreshing fruit #KABOOM
Make some magical Maynards memories

Grab a pack of your favourite treats & get creative!
Gettin' hot under the collar? We've got the fruitiest juiciest scoop to keep you chill this summer.
May your Jerseys be yummy & fruitfully delightful this festive season
Don't be that person...

Ace last minute shopping & stock up on Maynards stocking fillers #KABOOM
You light up my life

Share a sweetsational pack with your other half as an after dinner treat.
Starlight, starbright, take me to your braai tonight #KABOOM
One for you, one for me

Grab a pack of Maynards & share a memory with....
Tis the season for silliness!

Grab a pack of fruit-tastical flavoured candy & show us your funny faces in the comments
Say "I do" to a packet of Jubes #KABOOM