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Maynards SA
12/08/2016 at 07:00. Facebook
One for you, one for me

Grab a pack of Maynards & share a memory with....
Maynards SA
12/06/2016 at 07:00. Facebook
Tis the season for silliness!

Grab a pack of fruit-tastical flavoured candy & show us your funny faces in the comments
Maynards SA
12/03/2016 at 07:00. Facebook
Say "I do" to a packet of Jubes #KABOOM
Whether you share them with the whole family or keep them to yourself (no judgies), there's nothing better than a family pack of Maynards #KABOOM
Craig from Finance stolen your lunch AGAIN?! No need to plot revenge, just grab a pack of fruit gums and woosa
Life's more fun when you channel your inner kid!
We've combined the fruitiest, juiciest flavours with a whole lotta fun. The result? Our droolworthy Wine Gum Duos

It's a juicy #KABOOM!
Whether you behead your Jelly Babies or sort them by colour, we wanna know how you enjoy your Maynards treats
They see me rollin'. They hatin'
It's officially #Movember So let that mo grow, bro: [ Mvmbr.co Link ] #KABOOM
Happiness is... Five minutes of me-time and a mouth full of Jelly Beans
Happy Halloween #KABOOM

In the comments, let us know what you're doing to celebrate?
"I came in like a wrecking ball"

Set the juice free & escape reality with a mouthful of #KABOOM from a snack packet of Maynards
6 days til' Halloween and we can't wait

What are you wearing to celebrate Halloween this year?


Un-serious yourself Have a lil' fun and tag a friend who you would share your last Jelly Baby with. #KABOOM
Don't be like Igor, don't forget the treats

What Maynards are you stocking up on for Halloween? #KABOOM
Treat yourself to a pack of juicy Jelly Babies & experience the mind-blowing juicy #KABOOM

Finish this sentence in the comments, I eat my Maynards like a...
Rough week? Sit back and relax with a bowl full of scrumptious wine gums