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“The whole point of this project is to think of different ways and methods to preserve hearts for transplantation.” says Christopher Livia as he works in the lab to understand more about how to revive a non-beating heart.
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Beat Still My Beating Heart
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Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, but for older African-Americans it is the fourth leading cause of death. Nilufer Ertekin-Taner, M.D., Ph.D., a neurogeneticist and neurologist at Mayo Clinic and senior study investigator, shows some insights into the genetics of Alzheimer's disease in Black Americans who develop the disease after age 65. [ Link ]

Study connects genes to late onset Alzheimer's in African-Americans
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At 87, Charles Kaeding remains active, even helping on his son’s farm. So when he was diagnosed with aortic stenosis, doctors suggested a new procedure that wouldn’t slow him down for long. [ Link ]

New Procedure Helps Keep Wisconsin Man Young at Heart
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National group discovers minimally invasive surgery had better outcomes for many types of endometrial cancer. [ Link ]

A Better Way - Giving to Mayo Clinic
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Oncologist Winston Tan, M.D., discusses innovations in cancer care at Mayo Clinic. #CaptureTheMoment17
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Steve Woodford was recently part of a group that set a world record in nighttime skydiving. The fact that he’d had a liver transplant just two years prior made the jump even more impressive. [ Link ]

Liver Transplant Patient Helps Set New Nighttime Skydiving Record
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Just diagnosed with cancer? Get a binder. Mayo Clinic Connect members share tips on how to get organized and prepare for cancer treatments, [ Link ].

Diagnosis and discussions: HPV 16 Squamous Cell Carcinoma
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You and your care team: Partners in safety. Communication can help reduce the top-three risks to patient safety. [ Link ]

Employee & Community Health
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Dr. Amit Sood says, "Replacing intellect with surrender is a good bargain." [ Link ]

Something to Think About: The power of surrender
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“Fruit bowl, fruit salad or fruit smoothie.” Three options for developing a stellar team… read more. [ Link ]

How Mayo is Transforming Medicine
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Dr. Amit Sood says, "It is easier and more useful to make your life more meaningful than to search for the ultimate meaning of life." [ Link ]

Something to Think About: Personal and global meaning
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It's spring break getaway time, and while spending time in the sun may be good for the soul, it may be bad for the body — in particular, your skin. In this Mayo Clinic Minute, dermatologist Dr. Dawn Davis has tips on how to keep your skin safe and healthy in the sun. [ Link ]
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Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, M.D., grew up in a small village in Mexico, but his dreams led him to the U.S., from the California's San Joaquin Valley, to community college, to Berkeley and ultimately, a career in medicine. His remarkable story is now being made into a movie. [ Link ]

Movie to Feature Doctor's Story of Hope and the American Dream
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Watch the full conversation from today's #MayoClinicNeuroChat about congenital anomalies.
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Randall Linton, M.D. and Dennis Manning, M.D., were recently presented with the Mayo Clinic Diamond Quality Fellow Lifetime Achievement Award at Mayo Clinic’s annual Quality Conference. "The result is better care for Mayo Clinic patients,” says Nneka Comfere, M.D., medical director, Mayo Clinic Quality Academy. [ Link ]

Two Mayo Clinic staff members honored for lifetime contributions to quality
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The SpaceX Dragon capsule containing Dr. Abba Zubair's stem cell research has returned to Earth. After SpaceX turns over the contents of the Dragon to NASA, the research will be sent back to the lab at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus for analysis and further scientific study. [ Link ]

Stem cells splash down from space
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Read why Rasabel is giving back to Mayo Clinic on Employees at Mayo Clinic's Facebook page.
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Are you living with an infectious disease — such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites? Meet real people talking about real diagnoses and share your experience on Mayo Clinic Connect. [ Link ]

Infectious Diseases | Mayo Clinic Connect
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Researchers and medical practitioners need to see their work and patients through a sex and gender lens. [ Link ]

Women's Wellness: Sex and gender in medical research