Mazda Canada
03/25/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
With its sporty styling the 2017 CX-3 is one to be admired. [ Link ]
Mazda Canada
03/22/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Join Zoom-Zoom on a timeless journey in search of history, culture and culinary pleasures along the Chemin du Roy. [ Link ]

Mazda6 on the Chemin du Roy
Mazda Canada
03/20/2017 at 18:13. Facebook
Mazda Canada invited some journalists to drive the MX-5 RF up into Muskoka, showcasing that the new MX-5 RF can be used more than just in ideal summer conditions.

Here is Motor1's experience.
Mazda Canada
03/20/2017 at 14:10. Facebook
Great drives are finally in season. Where will you go to enjoy the
spring colours and fresh air? #firstdayofspring
No matter how busy life gets, there will always be time to escape in the 2017 CX-5. [ Link ]
Watch John Leslie’s journey from beating cancer to owning the podium in chapter 2 of The Drive, presented by Mazda Canada, King Snow Snowboard Magazine, and Canada Snowboard. [ Link ]
From fighting cancer to becoming a world class athlete, Canada Snowboard team member John Leslie embodies the spirit of passion and perseverance. Watch his story in chapter 2 of The Drive, presented by Mazda Canada, King Snow Snowboard Magazine,and Canada Snowboard.
Free your CX-9 from the driveway this week and enjoy a ride with family. [ Link ]
Everything disappears when it’s just you and the 2017 Mazda6. [ Link ]
Explore hidden city streets with the 2017 CX-3. [ Link ]
Women continue to be a driving force at Mazda Canada and across the automotive industry. Today, we celebrate them. #EqualityMatters #IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange
Today's Halfpipe event marked the first day of the Sportchek Air Nation Freestyle Nationals presented by Burton Snowboards and Mazda Canada. Learn more about the event through Canada Snowboard.
Be better equipped for any journey with the advanced navigation system in the 2017 CX-9. [ Link ]
Soyez bien équipé pour un voyage avec le système avancé de navigation du CX-9 2017. [ Link ]
The sleek design of the all-new 2017 Mazda CX-5 is visible in every line and curve. [ Link ]
La forme élégante du tout nouveau Mazda CX-5 2017 est visible dans chaque ligne et courbe. [ Link ]
Escape the busy city life and explore cottage country in the new 2017 CX-9. [ Link ]
“We’ve done some wonderful trips like Kingston, Ottawa, Quebec. It’s definitely brought us closer together as couple. Even just going out in the evening and driving along the back roads, listening to music and holding hands is fantastic. It makes you feel young again.”
– Dennis and Dona Allard, MX-5 owners
You can’t always predict the condition of the road on winter drives, but with Mazda’s i-ACTIV All Wheel Drive you can always be prepared. [ Link ]
Introducing The Drive, our new series with King Snow Snowboard Magazine about the craftsmanship of the snowboarding community and passion of Canada Snowboard athletes. Watch chapter 1 featuring Sebastien Toutant / Seb Toots here: [ Link ]