#TBT to behind-the-scenes of The Scorch Trials! We love our Glader crew. #SurviveTheScorch
Find out which Glader is lying – 3 more days until The Fever Code, by James Dashner, is on sale! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Shuck! Rumor has it fan-created Glader Con is doing 20% off tickets now through Labor Day.



Atlanta, GA: We just heard about this year’s fan-organized Glader Con in November. Grab tickets & your glader crew now.
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Glader Con 2016

Calling all shanks! Wanna be a character in James Dashner's #TheFeverCode? Enter now!

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James Dashner’s Maze Runner series has filled us with wonder, adrenaline, and sometimes rage (let’s not talk about Page 250 of The Death Cure) —...

First look at James Dashner's 'Maze Runner' prequel 'The Fever Code' -- exclusive

#MazeRunner & #ScorchTrials fans—ever want to hear how the maze was built? [ Bit.ly Link ]
Calling all Gladers!

The prequel to #TheMazeRunner…you won’t wanna miss this! [ Bit.ly Link ]
We Survived the Scorch, and then we survived the FOX Teen Choice Awards. Share your congratulations in the comments below! #SurviveTheScorch
Get ready for the ultimate summer binge read! The Maze Runner Series is re-reading all of your favorite James Dashner books… leading up to the prequel, THE FEVER CODE!

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The grass is always greener. #SurviveTheScorch
We're going to play you our favorite birthday song, Giancarlo. #SurviveTheScorch
Soon, you will be moving on to birthday pastures, Aidan. #SurviveTheScorch
Happy Passover from your Glader fam. #SurviveTheScorch
#TBT to behind-the-scenes of The Scorch Trials! We love our Glader crew. #SurviveTheScorch
True friends give you a hand when you need it. #SurviveTheScorch

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Be bloody careful what you wish for. #SurviveTheScorch

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You ready for this? #SurviveTheScorch
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WCKD is Good. (April Fools! ) #SurviveTheScorch

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