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Today, the #equinox is upon us! What will you warm up (or cool down) with?
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Vintage ads and BIG ideas? Yep, we still love both. LIKE if you agree! #tbt
We’ve lit up Bugis Junction in Singapore with this refreshing outdoor café! Catch us on this busy corner for a tasty meal next time you're in town. #PlacesToGo
That pre-meal excitement pose you make when you order _____________.
Did someone say lunch #goals?
Today, Steve Easterbrook and members of our senior management team unveiled the new plans to elevate the customer experience by enhancing digital capabilities, convenience with delivery and more. Full details on these exciting moves, here: [ Link ]

McDonald's Unveils New Global Growth Plan
What a *royal* honor!
Joey Womack brings people together and believes “diversity wins.” Learn more about how this tech entrepreneur built a business on sharing to empower others and make a difference. #BlackYourStory [ Link ]

Joey Womack

Joey Womack's story: boosting diversity in the tech world. What's your story? Share it at

When the clock strikes “hungry,” you know where you can head in Vienna, Austria for a quick bite and breathtaking architecture! #PlacesToGo
From Martin Luther King’s impact to how music moves her, Shahida Mausi Johnson shares the inspiring details of her entrepreneurial success. Have you shared your #BlackYourStory yet? [ Link ] #BlackHistoryMonth
For #BlackHistoryMonth we’re honoring the past, present and future with stories straight from your experience. Now, we want to hear yours: #BlackYourStory
Epiphanies welcome.
Great minds think alike.
Which books are you currently warming up to?
We are committed to not only serving a best-in-class burger, but also to help lead the industry to source beef produced in a socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable way. The juicy details on how we’re leading this global movement, here! [ Link ]

Helping Lead a Global Movement for Beef Sustainabilty
That first-bite smile!
Love our World Famous Fries? The folks at this restaurant in Los Angeles, USA sure do. The deliciousness tops the very building! #PlacesToGo
How do you escape bad weather? Here’s an idea…
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