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Looking for the season’s freshest styles? There’s a #BigMacForThat!

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Required climbing gear: spoon, appetite.
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The moment your favorite drink of all time gets all chocolaty #ShamrockSeason
Want to get your hands on this totally (ridiculous) revolutionary piece of technology? Find out when and where you might be able to get the STRAW by clicking here:
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We’re always pushing ourselves to change for the better. All Day Breakfast , updated McNuggets , new Mac sandwich sizes , the mint and chocolate flavors of the new Chocolate Shamrock Shake ☘, and now… the STRAW. The greatest piece of tech ever made... for a shake.
Can you believe what you just saw?! Wait, you didn’t see “the STRAW?” Well, then watch this and see how we’ve really SHAKEN things up! Get it? Cuz Chocolate Shamrock Shake? You’re right, bad joke.
We’re LIVE today at 2 pm CT! Tune in to watch us unveil the pretty-darn-cool-but-also-kinda-ridiculous thing we’ve been working on! Watch here:
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YOU GUYS! Keeping secrets is so hard. Especially when they’re this cool. And ridiculous. Can’t wait to show you what it is LIVE at 2pm CT Wednesday. Click this link to get reminded to check it out: [ Link ]
Listen up! The iconic Big Mac now comes in 3 sizes But seriously, how 'bout those moves #BigMacForThat
If you could get one of our Mac trio’s autograph, which one would it be? #ButBurgersCantWrite #JustGoWithIt
Rain or snow got you & the kids inside? Let your creativity out with Cuties & Happy Meal! Brit + Co
We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to a very special McDonald’s crew member, TQ, who went above and beyond to make sure a customer had an experience to remember. After Bonnie Kandel’s 7-year old son Leif, who has autism, saw a classmate with a McDonald's Teen Titans Happy Meal toy at school he knew he wanted one for himself. When he and his mom walked into the Speedway, IN restaurant last...
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McDonald’s celebrates the ‘Year in Music’ along with the launch of the Grand Mac, and Mac Jr. sandwiches in Hollywood, CA
In two years, Misty has worked her way from Crew Member to Department Manager. One thing has remained her goal – earning a diploma. Through McDonald’s Career Online High School and many late nights studying, Misty achieved her dream last month. Congrats, Misty! See the opportunities at
3 new Mac sizes = a remix that’s 3x as . Follow our #BigMacForThat bash on Snapchat @McDonalds to see your fave singers behind the scenes!

At participating McDonald’s for a limited time.
Say whaaaat? Your favorite time of year just got chocolaty! #ShamrockSeason