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The Mac Jr. and Grand Mac may be disappearing soon, but you can always have the original phenomenon. #BigMacForThat #AlienAbductionDay
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Enchantmint – when chocolaty-mint makes St. Paddy’s more magical than ever #ShamrockSeason
Celebrate #ShamrockSeason with 5 chocolaty-mint drinks. Can you find them all?
The Big Mac line up is only around a bit longer. Try the Mac Jr and Grand Mac before they ! #BigMacForThat
When you realize a Shamrock Mocha is the best part of the day and night.
When making your picks, remember our buns are top seeded.
Contentmint - the moment you realize 25¢ of every Shamrock helps RMHC keep families close.
Winter Safety Tip: The less skin you have exposed the better #burgerswarmthebelly
Enthrallmint—When you’re suddenly captivated by the news it’s finally #ShamrockSeason
The to happiness? Thinking positive and enjoying your #boxhalffull
Shout out to Sam Tsui for giving our #BigMacForThat song a whole new sound! We dig it. Hurry in to get your hands on our Mac trio while you still can!
Looking for the season’s freshest styles? There’s a #BigMacForThat!

Required climbing gear: spoon, appetite.
Optional: sharing with your Sherpa
Today has us feeling sweet. Tap to get your complimint and share #ShamrockSeason
The moment your favorite drink of all time gets all chocolaty #ShamrockSeason
Want to get your hands on this totally (ridiculous) revolutionary piece of technology? Find out when and where you might be able to get the STRAW by clicking here:
Go spread some Macs of Kindness love #BigMacForThat style
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We’re always pushing ourselves to change for the better. All Day Breakfast , updated McNuggets , new Mac sandwich sizes , the mint and chocolate flavors of the new Chocolate Shamrock Shake ☘, and now… the STRAW. The greatest piece of tech ever made... for a shake.
Can you believe what you just saw?! Wait, you didn’t see “the STRAW?” Well, then watch this and see how we’ve really SHAKEN things up! Get it? Cuz Chocolate Shamrock Shake? You’re right, bad joke.