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IT’S HAPPENING! An All-Star McPick #SuperTeam coming soon to a McDonald's near you.
IT’S HAPPENING An AllStar McPick SuperTeam coming soon to a McDonald's near you
Taylor Skeens
Clayton Chaney
Christian Craig
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LIVE: Big Mac holds press conference on rumored #SuperTeam.
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Summer's here! Comment with your summer bucket list goals, then up the fun with $1 any size soft drink.
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Adil moved to this country alone from Bangladesh at 19 years old. Two years later, he’s fluent in English and is earning a college degree in finance. McDonald’s gives Adil flexible hours so he can further his education and pursue his life-long goal of becoming an entrepreneur.
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Happy #FathersDay. #StuffMyDadSays
Happy FathersDay StuffMyDadSays
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"Hit the pool” on your summer bucket list? Tag a friend, and cool off with any size soft drinks. Just $1.
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Can't throw shade on this deal. $2 small McCafé Shakes all summer long.
Can't throw shade on this deal 2 small McCafé Shakes all summer long
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One way to upgrade your summer hooping sesh: add our chocolately, caramel-y, new #ROLO #McFlurry into the mix.
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Best news ever: summer’s here and so is the chocolatey, caramel-y awesomeness of our new #ROLO #McFlurry.
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Finding a job this summer can be a Snap. Keep a look out on Snapchat for a new way to join the team or visit to explore opportunities near you.
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Cristia Harris
Phyllis Nichols
It's up to you to be a smoothie talker. We're just here to help you be a smoothie sipper. #smoothietime
Its up to you to be a smoothie talker Were just here
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We don't recommend throwing your fries in the air, but go ahead and wave them like you don't care.
We dont recommend throwing your fries in the air but go ahead
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Best friends know each other’s secrets #NationalBestFriendsDay #McFlurry #Hack
Best friends know each other’s secrets NationalBestFriendsDay McFlurry Hack
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Aaron Wetmore
Reservist, high school wrestling coach, security guard and future college grad. Alvaro can do it all! Flexible scheduling and McDonald's College Tuition Assistance program through Archways to Opportunity were the perfect match to help him pursue his dream of earning a degree. Keep up the great work, Alvaro! See the opportunities at
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Turn the sound up - cause when hunger calls, you'll swear you can hear it everywhere you go.
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Only thing sweeter? Knowing Saturday is tomorrow. #FriYAY
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End your thirst and fidgeting with soft drinks for just $1.
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