We humans are such simple beings. We just want two things in the morning. Right?
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Sometimes love can be a little sensitive. You know what we mean, right? #FoodieQuote
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Here’s your chance to give your nosy neighbours an entirely new topic to gossip about. Invite them all for a treat at your place. All you have to do is just sit and tap!
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This is something only a BFF can say. Tag your friends who are just like these guys. #FridayFun
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With so many layers of mouth-watering ingredients, Maharaja Mac definitely tops our list of favourites. What about you?
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We thought ISRO's record-breaking achievement is still on top of the mind, so why not a riddle that is related to this amazing news. Send your answer in the comments below. #WowsomeWednesdays
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Your first meal is supposed to be wholesome and filling. Choose one from our Breakfast menu. #BreakfastMenu
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They say if you really want to make friends, eat with them. People who share their food, share their heart.
Made someone upset lately? Take them out to McDonald’s and share a pack.
Greatness doesn’t lie in having but in giving. So share a pack and have the best time ever!
We know it's tough to leave that cosy bed and deal with life. That is why we have a delicious breakfast menu. #BreakfastMenu
Munching on 104 fries is easy. Sending 104 satellites to space is a great achievement! Congratulating ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation on a new world record!
Here's a question for all the beautiful women out there. #WowsomeWednesdays
On this day of love, celebrate your love for food. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Why don't people understand it? #FoodieQuote
Sometimes you should give in to cravings. Download the McDelivery App today and order your favourite meal anytime of the day.
Your favourite superheroes are headed to McDonald's! Collect all 8 toys to find your own superpowers, all this month with your favourite Happy Meal!
When Friday finally arrives, this is how we react. Not sorry, are you?
A yummy patty made of veggies and spices, with eggless mayonnaise and lettuce, served in a sesame toasted bun is what makes your very own McVeggie™ a Vegetarian's Delight!
Let us see how many of you smart minds can answer this riddle. Challenge accepted? #WowsomeWednesdays