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Despite its aesthetic affectations, urban architecture is far from a politically-detached art form. The city, as an organic entity unto itself and tangible representative of human civilisation, acts as both facilitator of inclusion and aggravator of inequality, often simultaneously. The…Read more →

David Adjaye and Living Architecture ·
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The #McGill team helping to shape a sustainable world:

Shaping a Sustainable World with McGill University
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The Principal and our three researchers aren't the only ones in Davos this week – McGill students Aman Aroa, Santiago Monroy, Jose Nunez Gutierrez and Timothy Lane – took second place at the “Business for a Better World” competition, an international MBA competition organized by Corporate Knights and the Schulich School of Business. Since October, the team has worked on designing a global...
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"Publish and Flourish - the Art of Getting Cited" aims to bring the advantages of Open Science into the students environment. The event will be hosted in Notman House and starts at 6pm. Jane Burpee from McGill library will be speaking.

Publish and Flourish - the Art of Getting Cited

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Microsoft just bought a startup that's embracing an AI technique typically used to master games---so it can teach machines to carry on a conversation.

Microsoft Thinks Machines Can Learn to Converse If Chat Becomes a Game
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To help spur artificial-intelligence research in Montreal, Microsoft will provide a gift of $1 million to McGill:

A boost for artificial-intelligence research in Montreal | Newsroom - McGill University
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The McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law is excited to invite you to its 4th annual colloquium on the future of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The World After the Paris Agreement

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Graham MacDonald, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, McGill University, Canada at the Annual Meeting 2017 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 17, 2017 Copyright by World Economic Forum / Sikarin Thanachaiary

Ask About: Sustainable Food Systems
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DAVOS, Suisse — Université McGill continue de se tailler une place parmi les experts chevronnés en provenance des quatre coins du monde invités au Forum économique de Davos, qui se déroule jusqu’à samedi, au coeur des alpes suisses.

McGill continue de se tailler une place à Davos
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"We must rethink the design of cities to acknowledge that they are mix of natural and built systems. We must design them so that they are ecologically and socially sustainable, reflecting the needs of their population, and the myriad other forms of life within urban ecosystems. This will help cities adapt to climate change and other environmental risks as they grow and develop."

Davos 2017: Andrew Gonzalez on building more sustainable cities : McGill Reporter
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Geography's Graham Macdonald repping #McGill at World Economic Forum #wef17

Andy Gonzalez on Twitter
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Everyone is welcome to attend an Open Forum for the Task Force on Indigenous Studies & Indigenous Education. This is the second open forum and will be held on Macdonald Campus of McGill University:

Provost's Task Force on Indigenous Studies & Education

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Le Forum économique de Davos, en Suisse, attirera 3000 chefs d’entreprises, experts et politiciens provenant d’une centaine de pays jusqu’à samedi.

McGill seule université canadienne à Davos
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#McGill prof and Grammy-nominated composer John Hollenbeck marks MLK Day with unique performance

McGill performance taps the music of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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'Every Stamp, a Story' on display at McLennan McGill Library until May 14:

New stamping ground for postage artifacts at McGill University
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What's it like to be a university president? #McGill News Magazine asked the grads recently chosen to lead University of Cambridge, Stanford University & University of British Columbia

McGill Alumni - The view from the top
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Architect David Adjaye will speak at McGill, Monday, Jan. 16, 6 pm, in Leacock 132

A priority on progress: What drives architect David Adjaye?
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Born OTD Jan. 14, 1862 | Professor emerita Carrie Derick, the first woman on #McGill's academic staff and first woman in Canada to be made a full professor (today's Google Doodle)

Carrie Derick’s 155th Birthday