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The Toronto-based organization’s new Smart Start app uses psychological principles to help parents get more cognitive benefits out of the songs they sing with their babies

How Canada’s Royal Conservatory uses tech to teach brain-boosting music lessons to kids
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How do McMaster figure skaters become champions? Physics!
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The funding will help us take on some of Canada’s biggest challenges, design new technologies, increase training and create jobs.

Federal government invests $1.7M in Mac technologies
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"Spread optimism, rather than cynicism. Act together with the understanding that we are all in this together. That when we act together, we can keep the wolf from the door."

The late Stuart McLean's words of wisdom to grads after receiving an honorary McMaster degree in 2014.
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O'Neil Allen spent four years on the streets.

Now's he's helping researchers make sure youth with disabilities don't fall through the cracks: [ Link ]
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Alumni Joyce and Ray Hodgson in 1966...

...and then 50 years later, at their Religious Studies Graduate Program class reunion, in 2016. ❤
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This is what a Valentine would look like if it was sent by medical imaging expert and Engineering prof Mike Noseworthy.

Happy Valentine's Day, McMaster. ❤
"That was one of the happiest moments of my life: when we were finally able to go into Canada as refugees."
Natalie D’Silva wants to motivate girls to move beyond the traditional roles and to consider a career path in science. #WomenScienceDay

Award-winning biologist searches for diabetes treatment in fruit flies | McMaster Daily News
Mac neuroscientists have found that putting on a uniform creates a bias towards those considered to be of a low social status.

Police bias might start with the uniform
McMaster alumni do not retain access to the account they used as students. (We're really sorry!)

Alumni Email Options
“Canada’s most renowned silicone polymer expert” is McMaster's very own Michael Brook!

“Renowned” McMaster expert recognized for his contribution to silicone science | McMaster Daily News
This student-built Lego robot can solve a Rubik's Cube in just 30 seconds.
If you have 10 minutes and some stairs, you have yourself a workout, says Kinesiologist Martin Gibala.

No time? No gym? No excuse, say Mac researchers
The medical device will help eliminate inadvertent collisions and burns, increase performance, and reduce operating errors.

Business student takes tech from classroom to operating room
“World events are feeding this interest, as are family backgrounds and intellectual curiosity on the part of our students.”

McMaster launches minor in Muslim Studies
In London, Mac came away with six medals across the men's and women's fields, while four Marauders medalled at the provincial event.

10 medals in one weekend for Mac wrestlers
"Last year, researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, discovered that our brains are wired to respond to rhythms at low tones—just like the ones bassists produce."

Science Proves the Supreme Power of Bassists