Celebrating the legacy of the nation and the spirit of patriotism. McVitie’s wishes you a #HappyRepublicDay.
While it’s time to bid adieu to 2016 and begin a new journey, it’s also the time to set new year’s health goals for 2017. McVitie’s wishes you a Happy New Year.
Need a reason to include tomatoes in your diet? We give you one. #FoodForTheSeason
Milk, flavoured or non flavoured, is high in nutrition and is beneficial when included in your daily diet. How often do you have a glass of milk? #FactOrMyth
McVitie’s Wholewheat Marie biscuits have zero cholesterol and is free from trans fat.
Incorporate this #FitTipOfTheDay in your routine for lifelong wellness.
Whether eaten before or after a meal, our digestive system is efficient enough to absorb the nutritional value of the fruits. #FactOrMyth
Did you know that there is no nutritional difference between organically labelled milk and regular milk? Comment your response below. #FactOrMyth
Want to stay fit? Here is the #FoodForTheSeason that you should include in your diet.
Childhood is the epitome of amazement, imagination and happiness and endless fun.
Here’s to the kid in us; to the nostalgia of the good ol’ days. McVitie’s wishes you a Happy Children’s Day
May the teachings of Guru bring goodness and compassion. Hope the happiness and blessings surround you.
Warm wishes from McVitie’s on the occasion of Gurupurab.
McVitie's wishes you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.
May the divine lights of Diwali bring health and Happiness in your life.
Just the motivation you need on a Sunday morning. Have a productive week! #WordsOfWisdom
McVitie's Digestive biscuits contain wholewheat and fiber.
It has zero cholesterol which makes them a smart snacking option.
In the walk of life, destination is not what matters, but the journey does. Stay healthy. Stay fit. #WordsOfWisdom
Cabbage contains Vitamin B2 and dietary Fibre. Make it a part of your diet to stay Fit. #FoodForTheSeason
On this auspicious day when good wins over Evil.
McVitie's wishes everyone a very Happy Dusshera!
We all know it but do we follow it? #FitTipOfTheDay
Treat every challenge as a lesson and every mistake as a blessing. #WordsOfWisdom
Spring Onion is a source of Vitamin C and dietary Fibre which lowers the blood sugar levels and makes it an excellent choice for your diet. #FoodForTheSeason