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Our Taxi driver from the waterfront was not happy with the other taxi taking up the space he was gona reverse into to make a 3 point turn.. he got very upset about this

Warning - Contains some naughty words like ' Fuck You you piece of Shit'
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Meatstock from the VIP booth
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Motherfucks act like they forgot about DRE
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Ever thought about an electric car?

Well, Tesla launched officially in NZ today.. I would very much like to get a closer look

[ Link ]

Tesla in New Zealand - THE EMPIRE
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Put that on the To Do list, not telling where tho, people get upset about that
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Making you cunts laugh is why we do this
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Not bad actually
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Our friends at Playtech are having a stocktake sale, if you need anything tech wise check em out online they ship nation wide

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- Steve
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I wonder if this guy is getting paid like everyone that did the valentines day bouquet post...
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Meatstock this weekend! We're excited who's coming?
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These good blokes just sent us some wicked good classic hard rock to use for our videos

Head on over and check em out if that sounds like a bit of you, and thanks for helping us out lads

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My day today.....any questions? - Steve
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Somebody broke into my car today stupid part is they dropped they cell phone and when I looked in the phone their Facebook page was opened does anyone know this person [ Link ] tell them to pay for my window before I upload all of their naked pictures to my timeline
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Did you know that we do game reviews too?

Well we do, and we've got something special!

Due out on March the 1st, we've been lucky enough to get our hands on a review copy of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

- Dave

Check out our review here: [ Link ]

Review - Horizon Zero Dawn