This is one of the best things you'll ever see.
Happy International Polar Bear Day!
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Sometimes on the same day!
Crazy thing happened at the Oscars last night...
Jimmy Kimmel roasts Trump at the Oscars.
A few of my female friends have shared a photo of PM Trudeau's butt. I thought the internet could use a cold shower, so here. You're welcome.
It's February... we all knew this would happen.
Sunrise in Inuvik, Northwest Territories about 200 km from the Arctic Circle.
Photo Credit: EclecticBlogs on Flickr
I hear Trump is a fan of Churchill, pretty sure Churchill would NOT be a fan of Trump.
"Chubby" the snowman was created in Halifax after last week's storm. He's almost as tall as a house, has a pylon for a nose and hockey pucks for eyes.
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Scott Thompson, from Kids in the Hall fame, nails it.
I'm tempted to tag some friends in this one..

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Canadian problems...