Wow so close!!
This city is being ignored
We need a POLL
Absolutely fucking ridiculous with a booming population of over 100,000 people PLUS surrounding areas

Doctor calls no new funding for Red Deer's hospital "extremely disappointing"
This is an awesome thing in Red Deer and I'm sharing to remind you how important it is and that you have so many options!

Red Deer Driver Take Home & Delivery Ltd.
How true is this... Wish I would have thought of this...
After hearing about the organized crime bust in Red Deer this week, I asked myself if Red Deer had gangsters? Cause I always pictured gangstas in Red Deer looking like this...
And now you know what to look for ladies...
The real question I'm asking myself here is how? How the hell did he get that on top of his car? ????
When zero f*cks are officially given...
At least you're honest...
Red Deer, Alberta in a nutshell
Winter in Red Deer be like...
Fire in the trees on Taylor drive!
Reminds me of some of you Red Deer Drivers
Happy Valentines Day everyone!
75% off all chocolate