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Media coverage on reconciliation - a discourse analysis by Sri Lankan journalists.

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#كوميكس| معاناة المواطن الليبي مع الجوازات
رسوم: أحمد الشكري
* من سلسلة #بره_الكادر بالتعاون بين Media in Cooperation and Transition - MICT و Mazg مزج
#كوميكس| منين من #ليبيا!!!
رسوم: محمد قجوم
* من سلسلة #بره_الكادر بالتعاون بين Media in Cooperation and Transition - MICT و Mazg مزج
Can one believe that a village with 500 houses built by a foreign country for the Tsunami displaced who are living at doorsteps of others has been given to wild animals? But it is a reality under the shinning good governance in Asia.

Saman Manikka Archchi exposed to : See How Lakbima Sunday Edition published it again.

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As part of "Out OF The Frame" collection sponsored by Mazg مزج, and Correspondents - A Journalism Platform for North Africa - The works of Mohamed Salah participating in "Out of the Fridge 3” exhibition - Reception is one of Koshk’s Stand activities on 22-December-2016 at 6:00 PM.

ضمن مجموعة عرض "بره الكادر" برعاية مؤسسة مزج و مؤسسة مراسلون. من أعمال محمد صلاح المشاركة في معرض بره التلاجة 3 -...
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A workshop held by Media in Cooperation and Transition - MICT in Berlin
Here the current Syrnet footprint and frequencies of our FM transmitters across Syria
In Juba and Khartoum print still matters! Our latest edition of The Niles from today in the news stands in both Sudans.

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$2500 radio station equipment set?