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"Fox executives acknowledge it's not really a newscast, it's a conservative-themed talk show. The show is about showering Trump with positive attention and burying his enemies in negative attention."
Fox executives acknowledge its not really a newscast its a conservativethemed talk

CNN's Stelter: Fox & Friends is “a daily infomercial for the Trump presidency”
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CNN fact-check dismantles Kellyanne Conway's lie about Trump's proposed Medicaid cuts -->
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BREAKING: The CBO has released its score for the Senate health care bill, via CNNMoney:
BREAKING: The CBO has released its score for the Senate health care bill via CNNMoney:

22 million fewer Americans insured under Senate GOP bill
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Despite all the fanfare regarding Megyn Kelly's new 'Sunday Night' program at NBC, her ratings plummeted yet again.
Media Matters for America 06/26/2017

Megyn Kelly's 'Sunday Night' Ratings Continue To Plummet At NBC
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CNN's Brian Stelter spends 5 minutes dragging Fox & Friends for being “a daily infomercial" for Trump: "Fox & Friends is selling a product, of course it's in the guise of a news talk show, just like something on QVC or HSN or all those channels. Now hey, it's a free country, but viewers should recognize what product Fox is selling."
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CBS breaks down how the GOP's proposed Medicaid cuts would hurt millions, specifically mothers and children:
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How the GOP's proposed cuts to Medicaid would devastate "almost all of the elderly," via CNN:
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Why do news outlets have more men talking about abortion than women?
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Megyn Kelly is failing on NBC News
Megyn Kelly is failing on NBC News

NBC’s Megyn Kelly Problem (Column)
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Trump appointed a former right-wing columnist who's called Obama “a Kenyan creampuff,” said Japanese internment camps were “necessary," and said women shouldn't serve in the military.
Trump appointed a former rightwing columnist whos called Obama a Kenyan creampuff

DOE agency head: “Second U.S. Civil War may be necessary,” “Imagine a world without Islam"
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