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A former CIA counter-intelligence official debunked right-wing media spin about John Brennan's testimony on Trump and Russian collusion: Basically conservatives have no idea how counter-intelligence works.
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“Submit your work the way real scientists do, and see where it takes you. Uncover that bias and corruption you’re so convinced is present. If you end up being correct, society will owe you a huge debt of gratitude. If you’re wrong, stop muddying the scientific waters with ideological trash.”
Submit your work the way real scientists do and see where it

North Carolina meteorologist calls out climate deniers, issuing challenge to “put up or shut up”

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The former CIA director explains exactly why *our democracy depends on Americans paying attention* to the Russia story.
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They responded to the attack by inviting the architect of Bush's torture program to come on and attack ACLU Nationwide
They responded to the attack by inviting the architect of Bushs torture

After Manchester attack, Fox invites on the architect of Bush's torture program

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