Fox News had a slightly different take on protests before Trump was president.
The Associated Press, TIME, and USA TODAY immediately boycotted in protest. They shouldn't have been the only ones.

Media Respond To White House’s Blacklist; Calls To Join AP, Time, And USA Today
Must-watch clip: "This White House does not seem to value an independent press. There is a word for that line of thinking. The word is un-American."
CNN: "The White House's pushback is interesting because it actually ends up confirming the reporting."

White House's Response To Allegations Of Collusion With Russia "Ends Up Confirming The Reporting"
The White House banning news outlets from press briefings is a direct threat to our democracy. Take action now --> [ Link ]
Jake Tapper: The Trump administration blacklisting major news outlets shows "a lack of basic understanding of how an adult White House functions...This White House does not seem to value an independent press. There is a word for that line of thinking. The word is un-American."
BREAKING: Major news outlets were just banned from a White House press briefing. Sign our petition now to tell the White House press corps to band together and stand up for our democracy: [ Link ]

Trump Just Blacklisted Media Outlets. We Warned You This Would Happen.
"A senior military official this week said Trump's comments about calling the media an enemy were one of the greatest threats to democracy, and that's someone in the military."
Here we have the President of the United States openly mocking the First Amendment.

Trump At CPAC Calls Media Outlets "Enemy Of The People," Demands They Stop Using Unnamed Sources
"If people had IDs showing they lived in your district, that's pretty straightforward"

CNN Host Corrects Rep. Marsha Blackburn's Lie That Town Hall Participants Weren't Her Constituents
When Obama was president, Fox News went nuts trying to gin up protests. Now the network is scoffing at historic numbers marching to oppose Trump and speaking out at town halls.
Steve Bannon literally bragged about turning Breitbart into the "platform for the alt-right." Do these people hear themselves?

CPAC Head Tries To Argue That Steve Bannon Isn't Associated With The "Alt-Right"
Meet the nativist group fueling the "it will pay for itself" lie -->

This Nativist Group Is Going All Out To Sell Trump's Border Wall Proposal
It's one thing to provide insight into Trump supporters. It's another to repeatedly coddle them and give them a safe space to detail their admiration of a relentless and purposeful liar.

Enough Already: The NY Times Needs To Stop Coddling Trump Voters
Hannity had to apologize in November for spreading a totally false Gateway Pundit story. And now he's done it again.

Sean Hannity Falls For Misleading Claim From Gateway Pundit (Again)
They're trying to normalize Breitbart and the "alt-right." We can never let that happen.

CPAC Is Trying To Wash The “Alt-Right” Stench Off Breitbart