The future of human existence is at stake and news outlets can't find a spare moment to talk about it.

Broadcast News Spent Less Than An Hour Covering Climate Change in 2016
Conservative pundits claim Keystone XL will create thousands of long-term American jobs. *It will create 35.*

Trump's landmark Keystone XL pipeline deal will create 35 American jobs
Watch Ted Koppel tell Sean Hannity that he is bad for America:
An Egyptian businessman and politician owns a house in DC that Stephen Bannon has lived in and run Breitbart out of.

New Report Raises New Questions About Stephen Bannon And The “Breitbart Embassy”
A German reporter showed the White House press corps what fearlessness looks like.

This German reporter took on Trump. Now she’s being hailed at home.
Must-watch clip from the week: Carl Bernstein emphasizes that "we have a serial, compulsive liar as the president," the likes of which we've never seen before.
"This is a chairman who is supposed to be doing an impartial, bipartisan investigation of the president and his inner circle. Instead, he goes and basically tells the president and his team everything he knows."

Former House Intel Chief Counsel: Rep. Nunes' Actions Were A Breakdown Of The Oversight Process
Alex Jones was forced to admit he was completely wrong about Pizzagate, the conspiracy theory his website promoted that almost led to people being murdered in a D.C. pizza restaurant.

Alex Jones Apologizes For Pizzagate Coverage, Blames Other Media Outlets
"More than ever, Americans will need the free press to deliver the real facts on climate change. We don’t have time to waste on alternative ones."

U.S. Senators Slam Absurd Lack Of Climate Change News Coverage
BREAKING: Trump and Republicans have given up altogether and announced they won't even vote on their health care bill. So much for Trump being "The Great Negotiator," then?
Alex Jones admits he was completely wrong about Pizzagate, the conspiracy theory his website spread that almost led to people being murdered in a D.C. restaurant. (He says it was other outlets' fault, not his.)
Trump just approved the Keystone XL pipeline. Conservatives have repeatedly claimed it will create thousands of long-term American jobs. FACT: it will only create 35.
The lesson for companies like YouTube and Google: Hate is bad for business.

Advertisers Are Fleeing YouTube To Avoid “Directly Funding Creators Of Hateful” Content
The very specific strategy the Trump administration is using to set themselves up as the sole source of truth, explained:

The Life Cycle Of A Donald Trump Lie
#tbt Sean Hannity's thoughts on the FBI investigating a sitting president:
From hurting seniors to death spirals, Trumpcare could actually create the apocalyptic fantasy right-wing media desperately hoped to find in Obamacare.

The GOP Health Care Bill Actually Does What Conservatives Said Obamacare Would Do -- And Worse
Bernie Sanders alone brought up climate change four times as much as hosts did on ABC, CBS, and NBC Sunday shows.

As Climate Change Threatens Human Existence, News Networks Talk About It Even Less