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If conservatives succeed in eliminating the protections guaranteed by Roe v. Wade, people will get hurt. Anyone trying to spin that as “protecting women's health” is lying to you.

The “Alternative” To Roe v. Wade Will Put Lives On The Line

Add this to the list of things Trump shouldn't have gotten credit for.

News Outlets Credit Trump For New GM Jobs That Were “Planned For Months”

Right Side Broadcasting, the so-called "Trump TV" network that will be in the White House, just hired this virulently racist YouTube personality -->

"Unofficial Version Of Trump TV" Hires Racist YouTube Prankster

Trump's plan for White House press briefings is straight out of a dictator's handbook.

Trump Wants To Flood White House Press Briefings With Sycophants And Propagandists

So the NRA spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day putting words in the mouth of the civil rights hero (who was killed in an incident of gun violence) about his friend and colleague John Lewis.

NRA Says Martin Luther King Jr. "Would Be Ashamed Of John Lewis"

Days before the election, The New York Times helped put the media brakes on the unfolding Russian hacking story—the same Russian hacking story that has now morphed into a full-scale Trump scandal.

When The New York Times Helped Trump By Putting The Brakes On The Russian Hacking Story

When we talk about abortion in the United States, we should be clear: Any so-called "alternative" to Roe v. Wade would put lives on the line.
All decent people—of all political stripes—should be actively and loudly rejecting anyone smearing one of our nation's greatest civil rights heroes.

Trump Ally Alex Jones: “John Lewis Is A Lying Pile Of Garbage”

Now more than ever we should remember how Martin Luther King Jr. praised Planned Parenthood.

Reminder To Conservatives: Martin Luther King Jr. Praised Planned Parenthood

"Things have actually been getting consistently worse with respect to Trump’s conduct toward the press since he started running"

Journalists Share Concerns of Incoming Administration’s Treatment of the Press

Scarborough insists he's treated Trump “tough,” and yet he's spent the first two weeks of 2017 bragging about how he's "been friends with Donald Trump for a decade” and praising him as “the master of many things."

Morning Joe Still Loves Donald Trump

Send a message to the entire White House press corps: If you see Trump blackballing an outlet, speak up and fight back.

Sign the petition: Tell the White House Press Corps: Stand up to Trump's blacklist

Recommended weekend reading, via The Atlantic:

How State-Sponsored Blackmail Works in Russia

"He exploited voters’ status anxieties in the election. Now he’s doing it to journalists."

Trump Is Manipulating the Media the Same Way He Manipulated the Electorate

The press needs to stand up and band together, or they're going to get picked off one at a time. Sign our petition: [ Mm4a.org Link ]

Trump Shot Jim Acosta In The Middle Of Fifth Avenue And The Press Didn’t Blink

Clip of the week—Shep Smith condemns Trump for belittling a CNN reporter: