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"A very large number of Palestinians do not have direct access to their recommended specialized health care due to Israeli movement restrictions, even to Palestinian hospitals in Jerusalem which have served the population for half a century.”

WHO highlights continuing barriers to Palestinian health under Israel’s occupation

“My husband left for Germany nine months ago. He went back into Syria and through Daesh territory, walking through the desert for three days to Turkey. From Turkey the journey was horrifying, as he got in a small boat which capsized. Most of those in the boat died, he was the only one who survived.”

Read our latest report and learn about the perilous journeys being taken by Palestinian...
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"If I die, bury me in Palestine" - New report from MAP

"When the power goes off, the cardiac monitors and the artificial respiration machines by which the two babies can struggle to survive stop working. This means that they might die in less than five minutes."

Gaza doctors launch an appeal to save children's lives

6 days, 440 miles, 200 cyclists
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This Thursday there is a rare opportunity for people in the UK to hear directly from Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, head of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme - GCMHP برنامج غزة للصحة النفسية about Gaza's ongoing mental health crisis.

Briefing is at 2pm at the Arab British Centre (London), Thursday 8 December. Places are limited so please RSVP to Joesph Willits (willitsj@caabu.org) at Caabu.
UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities Robert Piper said: “This is about freedom of movement at its most raw level – the right to access, literally, life-saving services for you, or an elderly parent or perhaps an infant child.”

WHO: Israel obstructs health access for Palestinian patients, medical workers

“The two hospitals are unable to provide the medical theatres with the necessary medical equipment and other requirements.”

Two Jerusalem hospitals on the verge of closure | GulfNews.com

A spokesman for the Health Ministry said that fuel for generators in the Mohammed Al-Durra Hospital, which serves 40,000 people east of Gaza city, had already run out.

Gaza healthcare faces ‘real disaster’ due to fuel cuts

MAP CEO Tony Laurance on why an end to the blockade should be an international priority:

"As Israel's blockade approaches its tenth anniversary, Gaza's infrastructure continues to crumble. Basic services such as electricity and clean water are more scarce than ever, and it is the most vulnerable groups in society who are suffering the most."

"The case of al-Durrah children's hospital...
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Gaza fuel shortage puts children's hospital out of service

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More than 380 people have now emailed their MPs in support of Palestinian women affected by breast cancer! Can you spare a few seconds to add your voice this morning?

Medical Aid for Palestinians

Jana Jihad, Palestine's 10-year-old journalist, covers the impact of checkpoints and road closures on access to healthcare (for her grandmother) in the occupied Palestinian territory:

"Tonight my grandmother was so much tired she had an open heart and kidney failure and she need to be in the hospital 3 times a week dialysis
On the way to the the hospital the gate was closed the checkpoints...
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Don't forget - tomorrow is #GivingTuesday! Here are some ways you can help MAP's work.

Support Medical Aid for Palestinians this #GivingTuesday

A powerful new documentary, ‘Breaking the Generations: Palestinian prisoners and medical rights’, explores the human rights and humanitarian issues faced by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and detention centres.

Watch the film below, and email your MP to take action!

CALL TO ACTION: Ask your MP to support access to healthcare for Palestinian prisoners

Palestinians living outside of the Occupied Territory have also been facing walls...

Lebanon halts construction of 'security wall' around Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp

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Running Events - Medical Aid for Palestinians

According to UNRWA, the unemployment rate in blockaded #Gaza has risen to 43%.

For women, the figure is even more stark, at 68.6%.
"Israeli authorities repeatedly refused to allow a Palestinian man from the Gaza Strip to receive medical treatment in the West Bank, denying his travel permit on security grounds, despite the fact that he has been in a coma for over a month."

Israel deems comatose Gaza man a security threat | +972 Magazine