Sessions attempts to link medical marijuana protections to the opiate epidemic and violent crime.
Medical Cannabis Journal 06/20/2017

Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical-marijuana providers
Mike Adler
Heather MacKenzie
Bobby Madden
Colorado’s efforts to ensure its cannabis industry remains above suspicion suffered a blow. Officials need to act quickly to ensure our regulatory system is beyond reproach.
Medical Cannabis Journal 06/19/2017

Drug ring bust a huge wake-up call for Colorado cannabis regulators
Eric Lewis Basher
Keith Taylor
Tim Carrier
Daniel Dan D
Johnny Parisi
Jill Stittz
What is #RSO ?? #cancercure #medicine #healTHCare #cancer Rick Simpson Oil. #cannabis #marijuana #concentrate #extract Green Rush Daily [ Link ]
What is RSO cancercure medicine healTHCare cancer Rick Simpson Oil cannabis marijuana

What is Rick Simpson Oil?
Jerry Hopper
Angie Escobar
Sean Cooper
Medical Cannabis Journal
Terri Didnotknow
Dwane Moyer
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asking congress to undo federal medical marijuana protections that have been in place since 2014.
Medical Cannabis Journal 06/13/2017

Jeff Sessions has asked Congress to allow him to prosecute medical marijuana providers
Jean Marie Jarvis-Everett
Elizabeth Ann Casey
Jan Bodyk
A fine series on cannabis oil and treating terminal illness. Our editor: Mark Pedersen was selected to be part of these documentaries.
A fine series on cannabis oil and treating terminal illness Our editor

The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed - Episode 5
Larry Bennett
420 Weed Mart
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The Florida Legislature appears close passing medical marijuana legislation.
Medical Cannabis Journal 06/10/2017

Florida Legislature Finally Passes Medical Marijuana Bill
Jimmy Godfrey
Edward D White
Robert Moran
Cannabis is a food. Not a substance, not a drug, not an herb. It is simply a food, and as with all superfoods, it has a myriad of healing properties.
Medical Cannabis Journal 06/07/2017

Cannabis: Food and Medicine - Cancer Tutor
Jonathan Byron
Cannabis destroys #Leukemia cells!! #cannabis #marijuana #medicine #healTHCare #education Maxim [ Link ]
Cannabis destroys Leukemia cells cannabis marijuana medicine healTHCare education Maxim

Marijuana Destroys Leukemia Cells, Says Totally Chill New Study
Jack McCaig
Jason Hall
Daniel Dan D
Advocates go to legislation. It's not over in #Florida special legislative session this week. #cannabis #medicine #healTHCare The Palm Beach Post [ Link ]
Advocates go to legislation Its not over in Florida special legislative session

Medical marijuana left out of Florida Legislature’s special session
Camilo Calderon
Dennis Kretschman
Edward D White
Suzy Vavra
If you are in South Florida June 10th we hope to see you to network for a cause. We will be going #live at 9:30pm and 10:45pm EST as we try and raise #money for the children in need of #medical #cannabis #CBD #THC in #Florida #golive to #savelives The Cannabis Man Cash Only Shannabis
If you are in South Florida June 10th we hope to see
Kay Kendrick
Study could prove Cancer Cure #cancercure #cancer #prostatecancer #leukemia Civilized [ Link ]
Study could prove Cancer Cure cancercure cancer prostatecancer leukemia Civilized

This Study Could Prove That Cannabis Makes Cancer Disappear
Lester Clint Libby
Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said federal law prevents the department from implementing any potential benefits of medical marijuana for veterans.
Medical Cannabis Journal 06/02/2017

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin says MMJ “may be helpful” but hands tied by federal law
Schelli Nimz
Nick Thompson
Lester Clint Libby