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As many of you know, this is my third full legalization initiative. Its taken me five difficult years to get to this Missouri can truly see my intention for my home state... and the nation, for that matter.

This is our reset!

Cannabis is nontoxic. Cannabis is food. Cannabis is the single most important medicine of the 21st century.

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Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act: Reset101

Join us, January 25th, at 10am at the Missouri Secretary of State’s office in Jefferson City, and immediately following in the Capitol, 11am to 12, Hearing R...

Exposed: The Full Story Behind Why Marijuana Is Illegal & Classified As A Schedule 1 Drug

Exposed: The Full Story Behind Why Marijuana Is Illegal
Lately, there has been a lot of specialized coverage of “Women in Weed.” Most cannabis-centric publications have put out special women-themed issues or featured lists ranking top female activists or businesspeople. It wasn’t too long ago the concept of women using, growing or selling cannabis was no...

‘Women In Weed’ Is Nothing Special | Cannabis Now
No one should have ever gone to jail for marijuana. The actual safety profile of the cannabis plant has nothing to do with prohibition or the War on Drugs; in fact cannabis is one of the safest substances in the world. Prohibition has always been firmly rooted in control of commerce and marginalizat...

The Problems with Legalization | Cannabis Now
Communities scramble to decide how much local growing to allow

New laws in Michigan shake up the marijuana industry
by DJ ReetzA lawsuit filed on January 13, 2017 aims to push back against a recent DEA decision to create a separate tracking number for “marihuana extracts” under the Controlled Substances Act, eff…

CBD Fights Back: Lawsuit Filed Against DEA
The largely misunderstood distinction now has two correct answers.

What's the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?
Jun 10, 2013How And Why You Should Talk To Strangers About Marijuana Angela Bacca / Activism, News & Editorial, Top / advice, blue states, california, cancer, cannabis, colorado, conservative, crohn's disease, ganga, ganja, hemp, idaho, illinois, ladybud, ladybud magazine, ladybudmag, Lindsey Rineha...

How And Why You Should Talk To Strangers About Marijuana
If the American people are worrying about Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions approach to enforcing federal marijuana laws, they should get Congress to change the laws. he says.

Jeff Sessions says if Americans don’t want him to enforce marijuana laws, they should change them
While Donald Trump himself might not want the cannabis canned (or isn’t admitting to it), his nomination for attorney general has lovers of the leaf concerned.

Donald Trump’s Views on Pot
Medical marijuana research has begun in Connecticut, but the election of a new president highlights the conflicting relationship the state's medical cannabis program has with federal law.

Medical Marijuana Researchers Wary Of Life Under Trump
Luke Scarmazzo and Ricardo Montes opened a dispensary in Modesto. Now they're doing 20 years in federal prison. Their families want them home.

As Marijuana Goes Mainstream, California Pioneers Rot in Federal Prison
As marijuana shops sprout in states that have legalized the drug, they face a crucial stumbling block — lack of access to the kind of routine banking services other businesses take for granted.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to pull pot shops out of banking limbo
By Keith Mansur Oregon Cannabis Connection   Franco Loja, one half of the famed “Strain Hunters”, died today, January 2nd, 2017. The reason for his death is unknown at the time of this post. He was a partner of Arjan Roskam in the Green House Seed Co. in Amsterdam, The... #cannabis #dead #dies

Cannabis Seed Breeder Franco Loja of Strain Hunters Dies at 42
Rick Who? RS what? It is and always has been called cannabis oil.
Trump is stacking an unchill law-enforcement and policy deck.

Don’t Look Now, but the War on Weed May Be Back On