Medieval Music
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This beautiful chant from Russia is a nice good night song for us European folk. Thanks Mirza KI for sharing this with us. Enjoy, dear people


Russian Medieval Chant in Honor of the Queen Lady of Most Holy Russia

Medieval Music
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Big thanks to Bill Tsiros for this post, and for all of the other posts he's been posting in our Medieval Music group. We hope you will remain so active and keep bringing us good music.

Flauto dolce - Trinkt und singt

Anonymus, XVI: Trinkt und singt performed by early music ensemble "Flauto dolce", SKC Belgrade, 21.04.2009.

Medieval Music
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So my idea is that you people post the songs in our group Medieval Music and I will pick two songs every day to post it, one which i like the most and the one with most of the likes. The song I picked today is called "Sospitati dedit mundum" (at least I believe that's the name), performed by Capella de Ministrers, posted by Camille Addams. Thank you Camille for your post, rest of you can enjoy...
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Sospitati dedit mundum - Ars Antiqua Corona de Aragón, s.XIII

Prosarium-Troparium Tarraconensis, s.XIII (Missa Beata Maria Virgine) Ars Antiqua en la Corona de Aragón s.XIII-s.XIV Intérpretes: Capella de Ministrers Imág...

Medieval Music
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MMB offers singers, instrumentalists, musicologists & medievalists the possibility to study monophonic & polyphonic repertoires (11th-13th centuries).

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Lyrics (old italian)

El cervel mi fa
nocte i die e sera:
fararirunfera, fararirunfafa,
fararirinfera, fararirunfá.

Alé-vos, bon ami,
che lo roy non vie pas;
andai vos por alí
et nos por aliá.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
Tomas donna piera.

Io som l'ocello che fa
"Cucú, cucucú".
Tarlará, tarlará,
turlurú, turlurú,
ba, be, bi, bo, bu,
io lo sen massera.

Fora, fora scaramela,
fora su tininató.
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EL CERVEL MI FA (Anónimo) - Cancionero de Palacio (S. XV/XVI)

EL CERVEL MI FA (Anónimo) - Cancionero de Palacio (S. XV/XVI). Intérprete: Capella de Ministrers - Director: Carles Magraner. Imágenes: Pintura Surrealista E...

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La Ciel et la terre (Heaven and earth) Verbum patris hodie

I hope you like this medieval Christmas song, from the album Tempus Festorum Medieval Music for the Nativity Season (Musique Médié). To learn more about the ...

Crusader's Song - 2nd Crusade, 12th century.
Jerusalem City of the two peaces: Heavenly peace and Earthly peace - La Capella Reial de Catalunya - Grupe Sufi Al-Darwish - Hespèrion XXI - Jordi Savall, dir.
Chevalier, mult estes guariz,
Quant Deu a vus fait sa clamur
Des Turs e des Amoraviz
Ki li unt fait tels deshenors;
Cher a tort unt cez fieuz saiziz;
Bien en devums aveir dolur,
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France, Anon. 12th c.: Chevalier, mult estes guariz

Jerusalem City of the two peaces: Heavenly peace and Earthly peace La Capella Reial de Catalunya - Grupe Sufi Al-Darwish - Hespèrion XXI - Jordi Savall, dir....