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Rejoice in the Lord, all ye lands,
sing all of you, rejoice and make music,
since, persuaded by Paul, Charles and Francis,
the princes of the world,
have reached agreement
and peace has descended from Heaven.

O happy age, O happy Paul, O ye happy princes,
who have handed down peace to the Christian people.
Long live Paul! Long live Charles! Long live Francis!
Long may they all live,
and may...
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Cristóbal de Morales - Jubilate Deo, omnis terra

Cristóbal de Morales (Sevilla, 1500 - Málaga, 1553) Intérpretes: Chapelle du Roi (Alistair Dixon) Jubilate Deo, omnis terra, cantate omnes, jubilate et psall...

The Seven Joys of the Virgin (or of Mary, the Mother of Jesus) is a popular devotion to events of the life of the Virgin Mary, arising from a trope of medieval devotional literature and art. The Seven Joys were frequently depicted in medieval devotional literature and art. [ Link ]

"The set gotxs recomptarem", it is a ballada or circular dance, that sings the joys of the Virgin....
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LOS SET GOTXS RECOMPTAREM - Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (S. XIV)

LOS SET GOTXS RECOMPTAREM - Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (S. XIV). [Ballada dels goytxs de Nostre Dona en vulgar cathallan, a ball redon]. Intérprete: Capell...

The Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (Red Book of Montserrat) is a manuscript collection of devotional texts containing, amongst others, some late medieval songs. The manuscript was compiled in and is still located at the monastery of Montserrat outside Barcelona in Catalonia (Spain)

The songs are in Catalan, in Occitan and in Latin. While the collection was written near the end of the 14th...
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Inperayritz de la ciutat joyosa - Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (S. XIV)

Inperayritz de la ciutat joyosa - Llibre Vermell (Libro Rojo) de Montserrat (S. XIV). (Verges ses par, misericordiosa). Intérprete: Alla Francesca. Imágenes:...

From the tradition of Christians living, peaceably, under Moslem rule in the Spanish peninsula -

Lord, have mercy,
Christ have mercy,
Lord have mercy upon us.

Canto mozárabe - Miserere, miserere

Intérpretes: Schola Antiqua de España Preces (Ordo in finem hominis diei) Miserere, miserere, miserere illi Deus. R/. Christe redemptor, veniam ei concede. V...

Obrecht is a fascinating example of the extravagant counterpoint of the late fifteenth century but with an earlier legacy: common empty chords like old horns, or "cantus firmus" but with a variety of melodies that turn the simple material into a complex composition. He extracte the component notes and ordered them by note value, long to short, constructing new melodic material from the...
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J. Obrecht - Salve Regina a 6

Jacob Obrecht (1457/8-1505) - Salve Regina a 6 voci Oxford Camerata Jeremy Summerly, direttore

The Cancionero de Upsala is the title commonly given to a volume of mostly anonymous Spanish music printed in Venice in 1556 and actually titled "Villancicos de diuersos Autores, a dos, y a tres, y a quatro, y ya a cinco bozes...Venetiis, Apud Hieronymum Scotum, MDLVI". It survives in a unique copy at the Uppsala University Library and was edited in 1909 by Rafael Mitjana; the subsequent...
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[Riu riu chiu (villancico anónimo español)] Kalenda Maya

El grupo musical noruego Kalenda Maya, intérprete de tantas piezas musicales del medievo, nos regala su versión de este villancico castellano anónimo llamado...

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Medeltida Jul with Poeta & Saga

Our first recorded song, with currently the vocals missing, as the song also works without them. It kinda started as a random jam session/ fun project, but ended up being quite nice, according to us.

Pieter Breughel In Brussel
Not just medieval music. But how's this for a generous gift? A very big thank you to Marvin Rosen

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