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Medieval Music
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"I was born in Marylebone, London in 1944, right at the end of the War. My Mother played light-classical pieces on the piano, which also served as the family bomb-shelter during the air raids. I recall her playing with great fondness and still play an arrangement of Schumann's "Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai" on the guitar. Later on, at school, I took music lessons with a patient man named John...
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Medieval Music
Medieval Music
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Lyrics (old Castilian)

Song 1:

Enemiga le soy, madre,
a 'quel cavallero yo.
Mal enemiga le só.

En mi contempla y adora
como a Dios que l'es testigo.
Él me tiene por señora,
yo a él por enemigo.
Dos mil vezes le castigo
por lo qu'él no mereçió.
Mal enemiga le só.

En quererme es él de sí
tan enemigo cruel,
como yo enemiga d'él
por ser amiga de mí.
Nunca en cosa pidió "sí"
que no le dixesse...
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Lyrics old Castilian Song 1 Enemiga le soy madre a quel cavallero

ENEMIGA LE SOY, MADRE (Anónimo) / POR LAS SIERRAS DE MADRID- Francisco de Peñalosa (c.1470 - 1528)

ENEMIGA LE SOY, MADRE (Anónimo) / POR LAS SIERRAS DE MADRID - Francisco de Peñalosa (c.1470 - 1528). ("Cancionero Musical de Palacio" - S. XV/XVI). Intérpret...

Medieval Music
Medieval Music
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"In Seville, King Alfonso had a large collection of relics of the Virgin and of various saints. One day, he locked them up and went away. He did not order anyone to guard them.He was away in Castile for ten years before returning to Seville. On his return, he found that the relics had been badly damaged, even though they had been wrapped in cloth. All of the relics were ruined and the chests...
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Christina Verdugo-Pazera
Mair Morris
Allison Cowin
Richard Corlett Lyon
With a little more than a month to prepare, will you come to the Minstrel's Court at the church of St. John the Baptist in Chester?
June 24th, 2017!
With a little more than a month to prepare will you come
Ann Shear
Drømte mig en drøm i nat is one of the oldest known songs from the Scandinavian lands, dating back to 13th century. It was written in the early form of musical notations in Codex Runicus, a transcript of Scanian Law, the oldest Danish provincial law. In this version, only the first verse is original, everything else is composed by Erik Bertelsen. It's still worth listening, the lyrics are...
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Drømte mig en drøm i nat is one of the oldest known

Louise Fribo - DRØMTE MIG EN DRØM Note: Have just watched some episodes of "Vikings" - it seems the slave girl sings a bit of this song before she is to die alongs...

Cynthia Medina
Patricia J Machkovich Mayhew
"Tira ya que no quiero mozuelo Rodrigo" (Anonymous author) - a song from the music book called "Cancionero de Palacio" (XV-XVI century) - a Spanish manuscript of early music, that has been discovered at the end of the XIX century at "Biblioteca del Palacio Real de Madrid" by composer and musicologist Francisco Asenjo Barbieri. The Cancionero was fully transcripted by the same discoverer in...
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Andy Brown
Katherine Louise
Carlos F. Egea
This video shows Corwen Broch playing a Finnish Jouhikko (pronounced yo-hee-ko) - a bowed lyre family that has three horsehair strings, with the drone string in the middle. It is a type of bowed lyre from Finland and Karelia though it resembles in some ways types of Baltic Psaltery from further east such as the Slav "Gusle".
Antonio Elara
Diana Peterson
Miika Cristian Mäkeläinen
"Senhor, per nostres peccatz" is the crusade song written by Gavaudan (early XIII century) who was a troubadour and hired soldier at the courts of both Raymond V and Raymond VI of Toulouse, and later on in Castile. The song was written after the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin in 1187 and can be understood as final warning after the Battle of Alarcos (1195) where Alfonso VIII of Castile was...
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Sarra Raouine
Cynthia Medina
Katherine Louise
Monophonic instrumental dance called "Ghaetta (Estampida)" is another piece of Italian (Tuscan) music magic preserved in book "Manuscrito de Londres", located today in British Library in London. Under code "Additional 29987" book contains 116 pieces of music from XIV - XV century composed by famous Italian composers like Francesco Landini and Niccolò da Perugia.
This remarkable adaptation of a...
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Filip Pobran
Sara Christy
Antonio Elara
Neidhart von Reuental (c.1190 - c.1236) and "Sing ein Guldein Hun" performed by Augsburg Early Music Ensemble.
Lyrics (English):
"Sing, my golden cock, I'll give thee grain!"
(at her voice I rejoice)
spoke the pretty maid for whom I sigh.
Thus a dunce's hopes are raised in vain
season through.
Were it true,
no one's spirit then would be as high,
no one else's heart would beat so light.
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Antonio Vega
Katherine Louise
Maurizio Pasquali
Cantiga de Santa Maria No.249 played by Tomoko Sugawara on the Kugo harp. The performance occurred on March 28, 2012 at Symphony Space, New York City.
Tomoko Sugawara
Cynthia Medina
Randall Delaney Mars
2016 Solo duduk concert at Komitas Chamber Music House,Yerevan, Armenia by Arsen Petrosyan - an Armenian duduk player who lives in Charentsavan, Armenia. He initially began his studies with mentor Krikor Khachtryan starting out on the shvi (an Armenian wind instrument) at the age of six. His debut album “Charentsavan: Music for Armenian Duduk” (Pomegranate Music) was released in November 2015....
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Andy Brown
Eduardo Fuentes
Ali Çetin
Founded in the dawn of the new Millennium, Strella do Dia focus mainly on the research and musical interpretation on the historical recreation. With over 10 years of experience, Strella do Dia is a group of reference in Europe, playing regularly in the main historical recreation festivals and folk events. Using a wide array of instruments, such as bagpipe, tarota, gralla, chalumeau, horn,...
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Guilherme Nunes
Noelia Ramos Huamani
Sara Matos
Mario Zammit
Jason Jones
Giovanni Marenzio
Heather de Montespan
Pat Hanchet
Filo Mergan
Legendary! The Renaissance Ensemble began its life in the autumn of 1968, when they played early music scores on historical instruments that Dragan Mladjenovic Shakespeare had brought from Prague and Vienna. The founders of the Ensemble, Miomir Ristic, Ljubomir Dimitrijevic, and Dragan Mladjenovic Shakespeare (supported by two ladies Dusica Obradovic and Iskra Uzelac) gave their first concert...
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Fernando Longuini Alves
Greetings from Hollóének Hungarica and me dear folk. Yesterday I had a pleasure to listen to them live in Zagreb. An amazing show did they put, I must say.
This is the video from yesterday, enjoy! [ Link ]
Greetings from Hollóének Hungarica and me dear folk Yesterday I had a
Welcome to the First Medieval World Convention!
Find out more details and register here - [ Link ]
Maurizio Pasquali
Lesley Craggs
Cat Chambers