If he fits, Green Knight sits #lol #nospacetoosmall #MTFan
When's the last time you had a family outing at Medieval Times? Share your photos/experiences with us! #MTFan #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
#TBT Authentic jousting since 1983!
The Capriole, also known as airs above the ground, is a classical dressage movement that our Pure Spanish Horses learn at the castle.
Where modern meets medieval.... Doing the Cupid Shuffle #MTFan
Looks like someone got a new chew toy
Have you ever been to Medieval Times for their New Year's Eve show? One of our loyal fans did a fun video of his family trip to our NYE show. Huzzah!

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Perfect adventure family time on New Year's Eve at the friendly and fun environment of Medieval Times Restaurant!

Have you ever wanted to make our tomato bisque (aka Dragon's Blood) at home? For the first time ever, our Dallas castle is sharing our amazing tomato bisque recipe! To see your local castle's Food Drive offer, visit their Facebook page or webpage.

Tomato Bisque from Medieval Times

Happy Sunday Royal Loyals! #FalconSunday #MTFan
Who's hungry??
We have fans of ALL ages! Over 60 Million have visited our castles!
Most of our castles are teaming up with local food pantries this month to help "Fill the Pantry". Check your local castle's webpage or Facebook page to see how to help give back!
#ThrowbackThursday to a different era of sword fighting and jousting!
Our Knights in training spend many hours strengthening their lifelong bond with our horses.
Our Knights are hard at work preparing for the tournament!
Get it?? #MedievalHumor
At Medieval Times, we LOVE our Falcons!
Happy #MedievalMonday!
Did you know that our Code of Chivalry values compassion, charity, respect, courage, and honesty? How do you practice the Code of Chivalry everyday?