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What's SUP in Puerto Rico?

Another adventure to check off your bucket list.
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Let Puerto Rico inspire you to bust out of the boardroom.
Old San Juan #meetpuertorico
Office chair or a seaside view?

In Puerto Rico, it's not hard to choose.
"Pool" yourself together before you start a day of meetings at the Caribe Hilton.
First, discover Puerto Rico Convention Center as both the largest convention center in the region and the most technologically advanced in the Caribbean.

Then, plan to meet here.
Attendees: gaze into crystalline waters.

Planners: relax knowing your group is at ease.

: innatelygypsea.
Attendees will never look back and wish they *hadn't* met in Puerto Rico.
Your work break could look like this when you stay at Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort.
Pull up a seat and admire the view from the balcony of the Puerto Rico Convention Center.
Move from palm trees to white sand beaches to the bluest waters as quickly as you move between good ideas.
Brainstorm by day.

Beat your bucket list by night.

All in a day's work on our tropical island.
Poolside Caribbean views?

What a way to start your day at the San Juan Water & Beach Club Hotel.
Late night meetings are easier on the eyes on our tropical island.
Most attendees' bucket lists include escaping to a tropical Caribbean island.

Plan your next annual meeting with everything you need and everything they want.
Caribbean ocean views + a historic setting = a refreshed perspective for a day of meetings.
Work hard at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.
Play hard at El Morro.

Navigate your way from business to pleasure!
Sip coconut "ah"-gua straight from the source to energize for your meetings in Puerto Rico.
Set your email's automatic reply to: "Work break under the palm trees! Will respond when I'm not living the dream."
Let the beautiful Caribbean sunset close out your meetings at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.