Meg Turney
03/26/2017 at 19:31. Facebook
Spike's in jail! Ed is freeeeee~!

Photo by Martin Wong
Spike - Ryan Haywood (jacket by meeee)
Meg Turney
03/26/2017 at 01:15. Facebook
✨✨✨Neo-Queen Serenity✨✨✨

Photo by Martin Wong
Dress by Firefly Path

Photo by Martin Wong
Booker and Liz.

Photo by Martin Wong

Original Liz costume by Space Invader! (Posted a really low-res version before - fixed!)
So excited about this app - Martin's insanely talented and I already have a hundred ideas for how to use this app to connect with more people at cons! YES YES YES! Check it out!
This month's Patreon-exclusive print is Battle Cammy! There are LOTS more photos coming from this shoot (including one with basically my bare ass lol - Cammy's thong don't mess around)! [ Link ]
Put up some new prints featuring Ryan Haywood in my store: [ Link ]
Just posted a whole new set of V-day themed photos on Patreon! If you're not down for that no worries - here's one of me drooling on a chocolate! <3
A little tease from the shoot today with Ryan Haywood (shot by Martin Wong)
Anyone still play WoW?? Recognize this super-cute take on one of the NPCs?

(Photo by Martin Wong and costume by Lisa Lou Who)
Love this new photo by Martin Wong!
Photo by Martin Wong
I went to Vegas to party it up annnnnnd to check out CES! Check out the full video of my adventures here: [ Link ]