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Meg Turney
01/17/2017 at 15:20. Facebook
Love this new photo by Martin Wong!
Meg Turney
01/13/2017 at 01:02. Facebook
Photo by Martin Wong
I went to Vegas to party it up annnnnnd to check out CES! Check out the full video of my adventures here: [ Youtube.com Link ]
New video - from Vegas!! [ Youtu.be Link ]
I made a video about my favorite thing to do after a shower! [ Youtu.be Link ]
Weird lighting selfie
Gavin and I finally collaborated on a video - check it out: YouTube.com/megturney

Meg Turney

[Insert nutcracker jokes here]
Btw, for those in the "she's not even a cosplayer anymore - she's just uses her boobs!" camp, guess I made this shit from scratch with my boobs. I still cosplay full costumes y'all - shit just takes time. Enjoy the holiday fun! It's supposed to be fun!
Keepin' the troll fires burning with more Holiday "It's not a cosplay" Tracer.
Here's a cute thing I did with my Tracer accessor-

[ Whicdn.com Link ]

Edit: Since there's some confusion, guys this isn't a cosplay. It's just a little holiday fun with the accessories I got for an actual Tracer boudoir shoot. <3
Last minute holiday Tracer fun is live on Patreon! Cheers, love!
Hey guys! It's a new month which means new goodies on Patreon! This month's exclusive print is from my Chive shoot and won't ever be available anywhere else! (Also, you totally don't have to back my Patreon ever if you're not interested - this is just an exclusive goodie for those that do!) Patreon.com/megturney
Time to trim the Daisies... #BioshockInfinite #Teaser
New photo by Martin Wong!
Shot some cheeky polaroids for Patreon backers! Excited to shoot this Liz cosplay this weekend!!!