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12/07/2016 at 07:00. Facebook
Live life with a little spice ;) Mozambican peri peri prawns on the braai! [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
12/02/2016 at 10:00. Facebook
You need to understand the science of meat in order to braai the perfect ribs & steak. Some thought behind the braai ;) [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster
12/01/2016 at 08:00. Facebook
Everything is better with chocolate ;) Chili Chocolate Rib Eye Steaks [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
11/30/2016 at 07:30. Facebook
Adventures run on all sorts of whiskey ;) Sweet sticky Jack Daniels Ribs [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
Grill or be grilled! ;) Get Summer Braai Ready with your Megamaster Square Chargriller [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster
This is how we roll! :D Prego Chicken Rolls on the Braai ! [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megataste #Megamaster
It's weekend! Only one thing to do ;) #Megamaster
Having trouble spicing things up? Just add Bacardi ;) Grilled peaches with Barcardi Gold Rum , a summer treat! #Megamaster #Megataste
Who doesn't love a braai appetizer on a stick? Mozzarella, Red Pepper & Bacon Skewers are the perfect braai appetizer! [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megataste #Megamaster
Sun's out, Buns out! :D Get Summer Braai ready with your Megamaster hamburger press [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster #BraaiTools
You tequiling me softly with this Grilled Chicken breast with a Tequila Lime glaze! :D [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
One of the toughest questions yet! What makes the perfect braai, Is it the braai or the braaier? ;) #Megamaster [ Buff.ly Link ]
Best to do this the Capetonian way, drink wine and braai snoek! :D Easy snoek braai with a Mozambican chili sauce ! [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megataste #Megamaster
What is a braai without a braaibroodjie ?! :D Try this BraaiBroodjie with emmental cheese, tomato and basil pesto mayonnaise! [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megataste
A wise man one said, "Happiness can be found in your next braai " ;) Join the Evolution! [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster
Go green! Try this Green peppercorn T-Bone steak with a smokey barbecue relish [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
Next time you crack open a beer, share some with your boerewors! Try this beer-marinated boerewors :P [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megataste
You've never been feta with this Braaied Chicken , Feta and Sundried Tomato Burger :D [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
It's time for some potjie and some good company! Try this fragrant curry potjie :D [ Buff.ly Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
The perfect summer braai tip :D #Megamaster