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There's always time for a glass of wine, especially in a potjie! :D Beef & Wine potjie: [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
02/23/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
This could be yours! Chili-Glazed Ribs :P [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
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Megamaster Built-in Braai's are the perfect entertainment means regardless of bad weather! Get sizzling: [ Link ] #Megamaster
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The spirit of Africa on your braai! :D Try grilled Amarula and Chocolate Pancakes ! [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
02/20/2017 at 07:30. Facebook
Need a reason to fire up the braai? :D Grilled Brown Sugar Pork Chops [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may diet! Grilled Orange Zested Ribeye Steak : [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
Happy Valentines Day Megamaster Fans! Spread the love, keep braaing ;) #Megamaster
All in all it's just another brick in the wall ;) Grilled Chicken Under a Brick! [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
Braaing is an art, so become the Picasso of braaing ;) How to Braai a T-Bone steak : [ Link ] #Megamaster
Have a flaming hot time ;) Chili Seasoned Pork roast on the braai! [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
Get your love sizzling hot this Valentines day ;) Heat things up here : [ Link ] #Megamaster
The best thing since sliced bread! Barbecue Chicken Pizza Stuffed Pull Apart Bread :P [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
This is a great catch ;) Spiced Salmon Kebabs on the braai ! [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
Hugs , Kisses and Braai's! ;) Get braai lovin' with our Valentines Sale now on! [ Link ] #Megamaster
Love at first bite ;) Get lovin' this Valentines month with Megamaster's Bakerbox! [ Link ] #Megamaster
For an instant happy woman, just add wine ;) Sweet Wine Sticky Grilled Drumsticks ! [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
Life begins after coffee! Coffee-rubbed BBQ grilled burgers :P [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste
You can't buy happiness , but you can braai! ;) Kettle braai leg of lamb [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataster
The secret ingredient is always chocolate ;) Chocolate Fondant Potjie Pudding: [ Link ] #Megamaster #Megataste