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Stages of the cover-up owl I tattooed yesterday at my studio @gritnglory! ????❄ Check out my story for more detailed photos of each stage! ✨ I always welcome cover-up tattoos, to set up an appointment email
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My coloring book Marked In Ink is restocked at! Make sure to write in the notes section of your order if you'd like me to sign and personalize it for you! ✏✒ We ship world wide, however those far away can check Amazon for cheaper shipping! ✨ Thank you so much everyone who has purchased my book, it really is a dream come true #markedinink #tattoocoloringbook
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Playing around on Procreate ✨ It's a kitty gem!
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Got a visit from this little poodle I tattooed that's all headed up! The best thank you a client can give is taking excellent care of their tattoos, thank you!
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Details from a flower cover-up tattoo sleeve I've been working on! I'm so bummed I forgot to take a before photo before session 2 but I included some photos from the first session of the cover-up so you can get an idea. The tribal arm band wraps underneath.
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03/18/2017 at 20:22. Facebook
Repost from @peepshowclothing, thanks for the love!! Loved this shoot with them, @forgottensaintsla and my girl @michellexstar! ✨✨✨
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Chipping away at a very large cover up tattoo tonight! Turning a tribal arm band into a flowery sleeve
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! ✨✨ My mom really knows how to celebrate, these are her fur babies KK and Boo! Im dying from the cuteness
Snowy wolf I tattooed on my new show Bondi Ink! ❄ Australia don't forget there's a brand new episode airing tonight at 8:30pm on channel 11! For everyone else, Bondi Ink is now available on Netflix in 49 countries!!
Snow days are for drawing kittens! Worked on tattoo flash yesterday for another walk-in tattoo event @gritnglory coming up with one of my favorite charities!! Can't wait to share the details with you all soon
We're having a snow day today at @gritnglory ❄ We will be back open tomorrow at noon for all your tattoo needs! For today only enjoy 30% off our entire store online!! Just use the code SNOWDAY at checkout! ❄ Enjoy the snow and be safe everyone! #gritnglory
Had a little bit of a hard time photographing this one, but I had such a fun time tattooing this cutie pit bull yesterday! We decided on a water frame because he loves going to the beach and playing in the water so much!
These lovely tattoos are made by @gritnglory guest artist @andrecojack ✨ He still has tattoo time available this week, contact him through his Instagram for appointments!
#fbf Still loving this photo taken by the lovely @lanileenyc ✨
Missing hanging out at Bondi beach with this pretty lady!@teneile_napoli ✨ Australia be sure to tune in tonight for another brand new episode of Bondi Ink! 8:30pm on channel 11!!
Happy #internationalwomensday Im so lucky to have met, be friended, and work with so many strong and talented ladies! You go girls!!
These beautiful tattoos are all made by our @gritnglory artist @danobissandoval ✨✨ He has available tattoo space this week, anyone interested DM him for appointments!!
My coloring book Marked In Ink is all stocked up at @gritnglory! Don't forget to indicate in the notes section of your order if you'd like me to sign and personalize your book!! ✨The book is also available on Amazon and lots of big book retailers so keep an eye out!! ✒✏ #markedinink #tattoocoloringbook #bondiink #bondiinktattoocrew
For those watching in Australia! Here's the new school styled Alice in Wonderland tattoo I made on this past weeks episode of Bondi Ink!! ✨ Make sure to keep an eye out for more episodes on Thursday nights at 8:30pm on channel 11! #bondiink #bondiinktattoocrew #netflix ✨ For those in the US and other places you can check out this tattoo and more on @netflix! ✨