Megan Nicole
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When you think you are shooting a scene for a movie, and then this happens...
‪Happy St. Patrick's Day☘ ‬
‪Wear green so you don't get pinched.‬
Moana vibes
So you say you wanna get away...
Getting my hair done tomorrow. What will I do next?
‪"I believe in pink..." ‬
‪Happy Saturday to you ‬
Sun's out, buns out.
The rain's finally gone and it's got me like
When in doubt, foot pop it out.
"Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?"
New cover video up!

[ Link ]
New nails
The amount of cat shirts I own is only slightly concerning.
No bystanders were flashed in the taking of this photo.
"Foot poppin' kiss"