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Check out this incredible cosplay by Shinku for Nier Automata.
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Learn more about Don Winslow, co-author behind Ghost Recon Wildlands' immersive cartel-themed narrative. [ Link ]
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Did you know that in Ghost Recon Willdlands, you can adapt the gameplay to your gaming skills and expectations? Learn more here: [ Link ]
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The Open Beta servers are open on all platforms! Are you ready Ghosts?
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Which two bosses from the Souls series would you want to fight just to see how it would go down?
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The Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta starts tomorrow!
[ Link ]
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Swords, spears, or combat bracers? See what they can do in the new #NieR: Automata "Arsenal of Elegant Destruction" trailer!
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"The A50 is a well-made but lightweight premium headset that delivers crisp and rich surround sound. With intuitive controls and a handy docking charger the A50 is one of the best wireless gaming headsets your money can buy." - Critical Hit

Astro A50 Wireless (Gen 3) review – Premium sound, premium price - Critical Hit
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We are Ghosts & we do not exist. We will burn the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel to the ground and no one will ever know who lit the match.

Some are soldiers, we are Ghosts #GhostReconWildlands

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Can you handle a true motorsports icon? Prove yourself in the Mercedes 300SL with the newest in-game time trial event. #ProjectCars2
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Explore the country through 50 cameras and recon the activity of the Santa Blanca Cartel before the deployment of the Ghosts. [ Link ]
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Get your squad mates ready, the Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC from Feb. 23 to 27
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Dave from Super2bit did a real life blade test with the weapons from each class in FOR HONOR to see which performs best. Hopefully it helps you choose your faction. [ Link ]


We did a real life blade test with the weapons from each class in FOR HONOR to see which performs best. Hopefully it helps you choose the best class :)

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The Ghosts and the Santa Blanca aren't the only ones in conflict. Another war is raging between two other factions. Learn more about them here: [ Link ]
Who is your favorite Mishima family member? Ours is Heihachi he's just insane #gamer#ps4#tekken#tekken7
Ice-Ice Baby: Learn the art of ice-drifting through the eyes of racing pros [ Link ] #ProjectCARS2 .
Squad up and get ready for the Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta!
From Feb. 23 to 27, discover 2 provinces & play with your friends.