Picturesque lakes, national parks and coastal villages. Need we say more?

Weekender Guide to Gippsland
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Regional Worlds Longest Lunch - Geelong
The New York Times top picks for food Festivals around the world in 2017, including us *blush*

In 2017, Savoring Porridge and Sipping Pinot
Suit up, collect, and bottle your very own honey at Beechworth Honey

To Hive or Not...Hobby Beekeeping
Having fun today at Bank of Melbourne World's Longest Lunch menu tasting. Only 10 weeks until the godfather of Italian cooking, Antonio Carluccio joins us down under to kick off our 25th celebration... Tahbilk Winery, SANPELLEGRINO Peroni Nastro Azzurro Lavazza What's On Melbourne Visit Melbourne
Long Chim Melbourne has finally opened...

"But Long Chim is about more than just good ingredients. It’s also a place to try sour orange curry made with ling fish, and, as the menu grows from the current 35 to “45 or 50 items”, other Thai specialities not yet popular in Australia."

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Now Open: Long Chim at Crown Riverwalk
Sure, you've had Eggs Benedict before. But have you had it deconstructed, with sous-vide egg yolk, fried hollandaise, English muffin crumb and Canadian bacon wisps?

Read all about the dish that put chef Wylie Dufresne on the map, ahead of his MFWF MasterClass.

Wylie Dufresne Looks Back at wd~50's Iconic Eggs Benedict
Mexico City:

"The city was built in 1325, the oldest capital in the Americas, one of only two founded by native Americans. Now the time has come to acknowledge it as one of the great eating cities of the world"

This is your chance to see Jorge Vallejo from QUINTONIL in action at his #MFWF MasterClass

#12 The World's 50 Best Restaurants

Made in Mexico
Get off the beaten track this weekend.

We sat down with Carly Flecknoe, owner of Harvest Halls Gap to find out the best spots to eat and drink in the Grampians.

Weekender to the Grampians
“Imagine if we could create a dish that floated through the air but is 100% edible?”

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Alinea, #15 The World's 50 Best Restaurants

The manipulator
Got friends coming to town in April? Show off!
Hit three hot spots in one night - from hidden laneways to hawker-style to waterside wanderings with Max Allen. @Victoriaharbour

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Crawl n Bite
"The sense of place and time Barber conjures through food is as life-affirming as it is gratifying. Dining here doesn’t just defy our assumptions of what a restaurant can and should be, it elevates them. It can even change how we view the world."

Blue Hill at Stone Barns Is the Best Restaurant in America
Hit the road this weekend with our insider tips for the Murray

Weekender Guide to the Murray
Back to work today?

Here's a quick and tasty recipe to whip up with all those amazing holiday leftovers in the fridge

Nasi Goreng
Put your feet up and read this one, it's so, so worth it.

"But my hometown’s greatest culinary gift, the thing I miss the most, the thing I’ve been looking for ever since I left, is the city’s underlying attitude: That food is just a part of everyday life and, damn, isn’t everyday life wonderful?"

The City That Knows How to Eat
Heading out of town for the holidays? You'll want our tips on where to eat and drink like a local then - from the Peninsula to the High Country, we've got the inside word

Foodie Guide to the Mornington Peninsula