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The bad news: It hasn't happened yet. The good news: It hasn't happened yet.

This is The Age You'll Have the Best Sex of Your Life

Sadly, this is the #1 killer of men between the ages of 30-50. Here's how you can avoid it:

The No. 1 Killer Of Men – and How You Can Avoid It

Her solo sessions are different from yours in a lot of ways. Learn the ins and outs of female masturbation:

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A beef chow mein in under 20 minutes and with only 5 ingredients? This will be a family dinnertime hit:

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Your menu for keeping your ticker at full-health:

The 5 Best Foods For Your Heart

When Dwayne The Rock Johnson talks, you better listen:

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7 Signs Your Semen is Healthy and Strong

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What Your Favourite Sex Position Says About You

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You may need to rethink your workout if you want to perk up your libido:

Here's Why Your Gym Routine Could Be Wrecking Your Sex Life

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