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No matter what kind of sex you want to have, there's a Kama Sutra position for it:

5 Kama Sutra Positions You Should Try

Our best weight loss method yet:

How To Lose 13kg In 3 Months

Down any of these shakes after your workout to build mass all day, every day:

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You don't need a bench to achieve a massive pump in your chest:

Make Your Pecs Pop With This Brutal Push-Up Routine

Everyone knows this feeling.
While the hottie at the bar sure seems like a catch, she might give off signs that say she's not worth pursuing:

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If you’re a healthy guy who’s trying to train hard past 40, this is for you.

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Your body changes in a surprising way when you take the time to stretch:

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These 5 seriously hot positions will change your sex life forever and make you wonder why you ever bothered with missionary:

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Pay attention to the finer details and you'll look damn good:

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"When men watch porn, the body part they pay most attention to is the woman's..."

Hint: it's not their breasts or ass.

10 Crazy Facts About Porn That Will Blow More Than Just Your Mind

It's one of the worst foods for you and chances are you don't even know it:

The Common Food You're Eating That's Worse Than 2 Big Macs

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The six best foods for building abs (Via Women's Health Magazine Australia):

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Only 2% of women said visible abs were a "must" to be attracted to a guy:

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