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Seven Sex Tips Women Wish You Knew

It comes down to nature... AND nurture

Why Do Men Masturbate More Than Women?

What are you working on in the gym? Take a vid, tag #MHBeastMode on Instagram and you could win R70 000 in Samsung Mobile gear AND be featured in Men's Health mag! Check it out here:

#MHBEASTMODE: We're Looking For The Best Local Feats Of Fitness. Here's How To Enter

Great cause of the day: the guys over at 9 Peaks Record are attempting to climb the highest peak in each province of SA in record time, while raising R500 000 to teach 125 children to code!
Awesome initiative, Alex Harris Tian Liebenberg Adrian Saffy and Sean Disney! Check out their BackaBuddy page here:

#CodeClimber :: Champion Page | BackaBuddy

Bacteria are your friends if you're trying to lose weight or improve the health of your digestive system

Why You Should Be Taking Probiotics If You Want A Flat Belly

Do you have visceral fat that sits around your belly? It's not the soft flabby stuff that rolls are made of - it's the solid, pot-belly, beer-boep kind that men are especially prone to. It's the most dangerous kind of fat there is! Here's how to shed it and enjoy a massive health upgrade

How To Lose Visceral Belly Fat: Your 4 Point Action Plan

7 next-level ladder drills... this will get the sweat dripping!
Having a rough Monday? If your fast food craving is too strong to fight tonight... here's how to hit up Steers without the guilt.

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The South African government has just given the green light for the manufacturing of marijuana for medical uses. Here's what you need to know about the drug and what it can do for your health!

Here’s What Marijuana Can Actually Do For Your Health

Our Feb issue is one of MarkLives top magazine covers! What a great way to end off the run of our Man's Best Friend issue. Brand new March issue hits shelves today!

MagLove: The best magazine covers this week (17 February 2017)

Number 4 is guaranteed to get you off your butt IMMEDIATELY

5 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Your Fat

This is what a day in the life of a healthy you should look like!

Your 24 Hour Weight Loss Plan

Burpees + bear crawls = BRUTAL Have a smashing week guys!