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Meltdowns frequently occur with children on the autism spectrum, particularly during the winter months. With limited access to the outdoors, they begin to lack sufficient physical activity - one of the necessary components of coping with stress. For tips on how to help your child successfully manage their emotions, read the article below! #autism #autismtherapy

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7 Tools to Help Your Special Needs Children Handle Stress

After experimenting with medication, natural supplements, and Sensory Integration Therapy, Tracy began the Mendability program with her son, John, in November of 2014. It has now been two years since they discovered Sensory Enrichment Therapy, and Tracy says that John has made huge strides in his development and brain function.

Before the Mendability program, John struggled with his...
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Though Halloween traditions can be extremely entertaining, they can also be particularly challenging for children with autism. To make this time of year more enjoyable, try implementing the list of evidence-based interventions outlined in the article below! #autism #autismtherapy

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A CLOSER LOOK: Look: Halloween tips for children on autism spectrum Netheader: A Closer Look

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Rapper Vee Vrsatyl Meadows sings about his son with autism.

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Fall is here! Parents are happy for the return to routine, and as the weeks progress, the transition to school gets easier. But there is something that does not seem to get easier for a lot of parents and their children: Homework. For tips on how to help homework go smoothly for your child with autism, read the article below! #autism #autismtherapy

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5 Ways to Help Homework Go Smoothly For Your Child With Autism

Children with autism are often frustrated with changes in their daily schedule or the unexpected actions of another person. For tips on how to help your child learn flexible thinking, read the article below! #autism #autismtherapy

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Simple Ways to Help Your Child with Autism Learn Flexible Thinking - Autism Parenting Magazine

All parents hope that their children will meet new friends and have an active social life - this is not any less true for parents of kids with autism.

Read the article below for tips on how to help your children develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships with their typically developing peers! #autism #autismtherapy

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Introducing Your Child with Autism to Classmates - North Shore Pediatric Therapy

The transition from summer back to school can be tough for everyone, especially families of individuals with autism. The daily routine established over the last two to three months is changing, and the environment is no longer predictable.

To help ease the stress and smooth the transition for you and your family, read the article below! #autism #autismtherapy

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Is your child with autism ready to start school? Here's some advice!

The summer months herald the busiest moving season of the year; however, relocating to a new home is never easy - especially for children on the spectrum.

Read the article below for tips on how to make your transition smoother!

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15 Tips for Moving When Your Child Has Autism

Meet Julia, Sesame Street's new character. She has autism. #ASAConf2016
The prevalence of autism has increased dramatically over the past two decades without a corresponding growth in the availability of intervention services for parents. Can telehealth fill that gap? Read the findings from a pilot study at Michigan State University to find out!

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Can telehealth fill gap in autism services?

Take a look at the incredible relationship between this boy with autism and his yellow Lab!
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How one special dog helped calm the storm of autism in a Western Alaska boy

Click the link below to see if Sensory Enrichment Therapy is right for your family!
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What lessons have you learned from your child?
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5 Lessons My Autistic Son Taught Me About Fatherhood