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We are planning lots more Facebook Live discussions this year and we want to hear what you'd like to see. Please let us know by voting
Meningitis Now
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Jane Wells was a young mum when her son, Daniel, contracted meningitis in the mid 1980s. There was no information, research or support available for her family, so she and a small group of parents took action. This was the beginning of Meningitis Now.
Meningitis Now
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St Mary’s Old Boys under-11s rugby club in Bristol are helping raise awareness of meningitis and proudly wearing our logo on their shirts ❤

Under 11s Rugby raise meningitis awareness
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"I am partially deaf as a result of the disease, my balance has been affected and I get exhausted so easily. I feel very anxious and paranoid, get daily headaches and avoid social situations."

Hayley's story
Meningitis Now
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Did you know we have loads of completely FREE resources that you can order right here, including signs and symptoms cards? ➡

Our meningitis information is FREE to order
Meningitis Now
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Our young ambassador, Charlotte, shares her thoughts on why it's so important teenagers get their free Men ACWY vaccine #ACWYnot
via Public Health Wales
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"I have never been so scared in all my life. This wee soul was reliant on me helping him and there was nothing I could do."

Harris' story
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Here's why you should take on a Tough Mudder as a team, as told by Martin

Kent friends take on Tough Mudder for Meningitis Now
Meningitis Now
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George took on an epic cycle from Australia back to the UK to raise money for us and he's made it! Raising over £1200 for Meningitis Now, he made it back in November. An incredible achievement, well done and thank you, George

Round the world fundraising cyclist completes his challenge
Meningitis Now
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Limb Centres in England are now able to apply for funding of paediatric sports and activity limbs as part of a £1.75m budget for prosthetics research.

£750k allocated for children's sports & activity prosthetics
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Meningitis kills more UK under-fives than any other infectious disease and survivors can suffer after-effects such as brain damage, epilepsy and limb loss.
However, it's vital to remember that anyone of any age can suffer this dreadful illness. Protect yourself and learn more at
Meningitis Now
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The effects of meningitis do not necessarily stop when you've been given the all clear. These are some recognised after effects those who have suffered have reported - can you identify with these? [ Link ]
#ThrowbackThursday to when Hayley and Amara met Peter Andre ❤ Amara suffered meningitis as a baby and Peter had viral meningitis at 34.
Heartbroken mum, Gaynor, is urging parents to ‘act on their instincts’ after losing her baby boy to meningitis.

Cayden's death could have been avoided
Kieron and Keeley raised over £1700 cycling Ride London last year to celebrate five years since their daughter, Poppy, beat meningitis

Pedalling for Poppy
With students heading back to uni after Christmas, we're urging those eligible to take up this vaccine. It could save their life.

Over 70% of students still at risk of meningitis
Getting these messages makes our day - "Thank you so much Meningitis Now for my wheelchair."
You're so welcome, Helen
The pain is better when shared, sign up to the Three Peaks Challenge as a team!

Three Peaks challenge 2017 - special offer price £49
Students going back to uni, if you've not yet received your FREE Men ACWY vaccine, please book yourself in! [ Link ] #ACWYnot
Tag a student!
Love when we get to travel on our Meningitis Trust train