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"They told me to follow them and run. So, run I did, to resus, at which point the doctors stripped him of his clothes to discover the unmistakeable petechial rash"

Felix's story
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Amelia got her school to hold a dress down day to raise awareness and funds in memory of Amelia's little sister, Claudia. Thank you for raising an amazing £232 for us, Amelia!
If you'd like to fundraise for us click here ➡ [ Link ]
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Believe & Achieve weekends are a wonderful opportunity for young people to meet each other and have fun. We still have spaces for our weekend on 19-21 May, sign up here ⬇

FREE places available for Believe & Achieve
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"Thank you Meningitis Now! My baby, Oliver, was 6 weeks old when he was taken into hospital with bacterial meningitis. After spending 3 weeks on the children's ward being treated, it is thanks to so much research he's here. He was over 5 weeks premature so he'd already been through a lot! He is now 5 months old and the happiest baby. Thank you again❤❤❤"
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Around this time last year we were totalling up how much our amazing Patagonia team raised. Shout out to these incredible souls who brought in a gigantic final sum of £180k
If you fancy taking on a fundraising event ➡ [ Link ]
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'Luke was in hospital for three weeks and has been left with a very weak eye and speech problems.'

Luke has contracted meningitis twice
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Dealing with bereavement is different for everyone but there is still a life to be had, even though it won't seem like it initially ❤
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Brogan-Lei fought off meningitis just last summer. This video of her walking on her new prosthetic made our day, well done Brogan-Lei, you're making everyone so proud ❤ [ Link ]
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Book your Five Valleys Walk tickets now ➡ [ Link ] ⬅ & be automatically entered into a #competition to #win :
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Along with learning and being aware of all the possible signs and symptoms of meningitis, we always urge people to trust their instincts. It's often the strongest indicator that something is wrong, with a disease that presents early as many common viruses.
Signs & symptoms info ➡ [ Link ]
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This is Harry. Today marks two years since meningitis took his young life - he was only 8 months old.
Harry's parents have asked us to share these devastating images to raise awareness of both meningitis and the availability of the Men B vaccine (Men B being the strain Harry contracted). Louise and John, thank you for your bravery [ Link ]
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Sharing your story is such a brave thing to do and can be so powerful and helpful for others. Thank you, Sophie, for sharing.
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“We now know as parents if your child is not getting better but steadily getting worse your instincts kick in and persistence for help can improve the outcome. You know your children, the doctors, although medically trained, don’t know them like you do.”

Hannah's Story
Becky and Matt lost their baby girl, Mia, less than a year ago and yet, in that time, they have raised over £22k for Meningitis Now. Becky and Matt, you are both incredible. We don't know how you've done it after such a recent, heartbreaking loss but we are forever grateful of your support ❤
We had some amazing competition prizes for our Five Valleys Walk, here are the lucky winners! We have even more prizes lined up for this year's walk, so make sure you're involved

Five Valleys Walk competitions
"I reluctantly walked along the resus corridor with Nat’s mum, and saw the doctors trying to resuscitate Jayden. Nat and Jayden’s dad were standing watching, it was so heart-breaking. I heard their screams."

Jayden's Story
Angela took part in our Three Peaks Challenge to raise awareness of the disease and say thank you to us for our support when her son Ayden, then 2, fell ill with pneumococcal meningitis in May 2014.

Glasgow mum challenges for meningitis
Men B - Where are we now?
Please come along and join us tonight for our FB Live Men B discussion. For more info ➡ [ Link ] #MenBnow
'As meningitis took hold, Faye’s tiny body changed and she looked a very different little girl to the one we loved so dearly.'

Jenny & Neil Burdett tell their story, one year on