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Hope everyone's having a great Sunday!
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Enjoying a sunny morning on the coast. Thankful for another beautiful day!!! What's everyone's weekend plans? #WestCoastin
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If you have seen Alicia Keys recently you might have noticed that she has tended to go light on makeup, but this is a new standard for natural.

Alicia Keys Goes All Natural at Concert: No Bra
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Ah, Tinder. It's our best friend and our worst enemy. Most of us enter the experience with an open mind, hoping we might actually find that perfect match we've been waiting for. And then the awful pick-up lines crush every bit of that hope into little pieces.

10+ Hilarious Posts About Tinder
Come behind the scenes with me for my shoot with theCHIVE
Getting busy without digital intrusion might be the difference between pleasure and embarrassment.

Programming Your iPhone for Sex
Shooting in Austin with theCHIVE today!!! Pretty damn stoked to be working with this incredible team ???? #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork ( @esshaughn @ambergriffinmakeup @jakethesandbag ‍@lady.mann @josephodea @lilmissko )
Happy #stpatricksday to all my Irish peeps out there
It’s probably faster to list the incredible supercars pro skier Jon Olsson hasn’t owned than the ones he ...

This is the Snow-Camo Lamborghini Huracan You've Been Waiting For
Considering it is the world’s largest dessert (seriously, google it!) you’d expect Antarctica to be a desolate place. Okay, so ...

Top Photographer Unveils His Best Antarctica Shots