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Stretching for 10 minutes at least 2 days a week can help decrease your risk of injury. Learn more about being fit and flexible!

Fit and Flexible: How (and Why) You Should Improve Your Flexibility
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A registered dietician may be able to help you if you have any nutrition questions or concerns. Here’s how to find one.

How a Registered Dietitian Can Help—and Where to Find One
Do you know how many carbs you should be eating in a day? Get your carb FAQs answered.

Understanding Carbohydrates
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In honor of National Nutrition Month, let’s talk about healthier desserts. Try this nutritious and delicious recipe!

Mixed Berry Salad
Enjoy this Pi Day by trying our recipe for healthier apple pie tarts.

Apple Pie Tarts
If your alarm clock catches you off guard, try to avoid taking a nap– it could lead to insomnia symptoms.

Here are some other ways lifestyle habits could lead to insomnia.

Lifestyle Causes of Insomnia
True or false: You don’t need as much sleep per night as you age.

Find the answer here.

Insomnia and Older Adults
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Sleep Week Tip: Relaxation training, breathing exercises, and meditation are just some of the techniques you can use to help fall asleep. Find out more here.

Cognitive and Behavioral Treatments for Insomnia
This Women’s Day, celebrate your health! Download our guidelines for routine health screenings for women 18 and over.
If you’re having trouble sleeping, try this soothing relaxation exercise.

Sample Relaxation Exercise
Throughout Sleep Awareness Week, we’ll be providing helpful tips for a good night’s sleep.

A great first step is to make sure you have a clean, comfortable, and quiet space to sleep! More tips here.

Sleep Tips
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March is National Nutrition Month! Each week we’ll feature a recipe or cooking tip.

Let’s start with some nutritious breakfast options.

Find Hundreds of Healthy Recipes on MerckEngage®
Want a taste of #MardiGras without going to New Orleans? Celebrate the occasion w/ this Cajun-style snapper recipe!

Cajun-Style Snapper With Confetti Rice
Exercising is more fun with a buddy! Nominate the person who’s been keeping you on track with your fitness goals. Tag your “Best Fitness Friend” in the comments below. #workoutbuddies
Do you know someone who goes above and beyond to help others?

Nominate them for “Best Caregiver” by tagging them below! #caregivers
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In the spirit of award season, we’re asking YOU to nominate the one person who has constantly pushed you to achieve your health goals. Submit your nomination for “Best Motivator” by tagging your friends in the comments below.