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In search of new soup recipes during National Soup Month? We’ve got over 30 delicious recipes! Visit [ Bit.ly Link ] and try one today. #soupseason

Minestrone Vegetable Soup

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Don’t let #Friday13th stress you out. Stay calm, cool and collected with these stress relieving techniques: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Healthy living tips and information at MerckEngage.com

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Your pharmacist can be an important member of your health care team. This National Pharmacist Day check out our guide for 11 helpful questions you can ask your pharmacist during your next visit: [ Bit.ly Link ]

11 Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

Share your New Year’s health pledge with a friend or family member. Saying your goal out loud may motivate you, and even hold you more accountable. Make #2017 your best year yet!
What do you pledge to achieve in 2017? Show us by snapping a picture of yourself working towards your pledge and sharing it below. #NewYearsResolutions
Still deciding on a New Year’s resolution? For #2017, we’re encouraging you to make a pledge to yourself – a pledge to become a healthier you!

Write your health pledge below to fully commit and keep yourself accountable in achieving it. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Do you know how many grams of fiber adults should consume each day? Click here to find out the facts: [ Bit.ly Link ] #NationalTriviaDay

3 Facts You Need to Know About Fiber

Welcome to 2017! What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? Let us know in the comments.
As December draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on 2016. What health-related accomplishment are you most proud of achieving this year? (Go ahead and brag—we want to hear about it!)
It may be harder to stay active in winter. What makes it difficult for you?

POLL: What are the biggest challenges to your exercise habits in the winter?

Resist the urge this winter! Our weight management guide can help you develop healthier eating habits and adopt a weight loss plan that works best for you. [ Bit.ly Link ]
From all of us here at MerckEngage, we hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy New Year!
For a lower-calorie meal that will warm you up AND fill you up, try our winter squash soup recipe! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Healthy Holiday Countdown: 5 days!
With some of the season’s biggest meals a week away, remember the power of portion control! Keeping these guidelines in mind may help you better manage your weight during the holidays: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Healthy Holiday Countdown: 7 days!
Going holiday shopping? Why not get a workout in, too? Malls can provide a great opportunity to stay active and help lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Healthy Holiday Countdown: 9 days!
Only 11 days left to go in our Healthy Holiday Countdown, so we’re giving you 11 ways to incorporate more good fats in your diet. bit.ly/2efll6P
#HealthyBites We’ve got a great bite-size tip to help you achieve your healthier eating goals #WellnessWednesday
Are you preparing a meal for your next holiday party? What are you making? Let us know in the comments below!