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South Sudan should be a country full of hope almost six years after gaining independence. Instead, it’s now in the grip of a massive humanitarian crisis. One in three South Sudanese have been displaced from their homes, and with more than 5 million people in need of assistance, many families are living in fear of their future.

Mercy Corps is on the ground meeting immediate needs to help...
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“Every day I see young people my age surrender to despair and lose hope.”

At just 12 years of age, Yousef and his family were forced to flee their home in Dara, Syria. Since then, they've been settled in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. With no friends, house, or place to play Yousef spent the next four years getting accustomed to his new life.

Yousef's discovery of one of Mercy Corps’...
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“Refugees they have lots of skills and a big will to work and create new life. If they are only given a little support, they can do miracles.”

Humam’s story is one of resilience. From Syrian refugee to Mercy Corps aid worker in Greece, he is living proof that given the right support, youth surviving crisis can become change-makers in their communities. [ Link ]

From Refugee To Aid Worker: One Determined Young Syrian’s Story
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Today, millions of youth are at a crossroads: In a world of crisis, we believe that young people can be a powerful force for positive change. [ Link ]

HOME: Youth at a Crossroads
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Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone on the Mercy Corps’ team.
“When [my wife] has a lot to do, I take the children so she can be free to do another activity,” Alhaj says. “I ... do whatever I can to help the children.”

When moms and dads work together, kids are healthier, families are stronger and futures are brighter. Why we’re inviting men to attend husband school in Niger: [ Link ]

Why we're inviting men to husband school
Rebuilding after Boko Haram’s violence in northeast Nigeria will require aid agencies to look beyond the traditional approach. But what does this actually mean for families surviving this crisis? Mercy Corps’ Adrian Ouvry shares with Thomson Reuters Foundation News: [ Link ]

In Nigeria, aid agencies seek to kindle hope for life after Boko Haram
"I want a world where there is no racism, no caring of who you are and where you come from.” – Syrian Male youth, stranded in Greece

What we're hearing from forgotten youth refugees in Greece: [ Link ]

Hear the voices of Greece's refugee youth in new report
FIELD DISPATCH | Ethiopia: How investing in resilience helps fight drought: [ Link ]

How investing in resilience helps fight drought
URGENT: Refugees need your help now more than ever before. With changing policies and shifting attitudes, refugee families from Syria and families in other places of crisis have lost hope once again. After losing everything, they’re now suffering through cold winter weather in thin tents and with few supplies. The need is dire — and that’s why today we are offering a special matching gift...
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24-hour emergency MATCH
“If I demonstrate and take the lead, the community is eager to learn.”

How we’re helping women around the world lead the way to healthier families and stronger communities: [ Link ]

When women lead
Did you know that Africa is home to the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis? In South Sudan, families are uprooted from their homes every day because of ongoing conflict and instability in their country. Northern Uganda is seeing more than 1,800 South Sudanese arrive at its border every day—and their urgent needs are overwhelming.

Mercy Corps is expanding our programs in northern Uganda,...
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Providing urgent relief to South Sudanese refugees
NEW ACTION: President Trump’s executive order banning refugees from finding safe haven in the U.S. will leave tens of thousands stranded without homes, safety, or a future. If we do not act, children and families facing violence and poverty may face even more hardship and danger.

Urge your members of Congress to stand up for refugees by opposing the refugee ban. ACT NOW: [ Link ]

Urge your members of Congress to oppose the ban on refugees
“I just want one thing in this world,” Ziad says to his children, “only one thing. I don’t want anything else. That you and your siblings go to school and graduate and have a better life.”

How this Syrian dad is making an impact: [ Link ]

Mothers. Fathers. Sisters. Sons. The face of this refugee crisis is a human one. We must stand with them—act now: [ Link ] #RefugeesWelcome
President Donald J. Trump has signed an executive order banning Syrian refugees, and suspending the broader U.S. refugee program.

What exactly does this executive order mean, and why does it matter? Deborah Amos breaks it down: [ Link ]

Trump Takes Action To Cut Flow Of Refugees Entering U.S.
“Refugees are not a burden on our communities; they enrich our communities.” – Neal Keny-Guyer, Mercy Corps’ CEO

The U.S. must remain a safe refuge for the world’s most vulnerable families. Take action now: [ Link ]
BREAKING: President Donald J. Trump is expected to sign an executive order that will end the Syrian refugee program and suspend the broader refugee program for 120 days. We must protect Syrians and other refugees in need of safe refuge and a better future for their families. Urge Speaker Paul Ryan to pressure President Trump to stand up for refugees.

ACT NOW and sign the petition: [ Link ]

Tell Speaker Ryan: Stand up to President Trump and protect refugees
In the wake of Boko Haram's violence, northeast Nigeria faces a new threat: hunger. Families uprooted by this conflict are trying to rebuild their lives, but they need help—and they need it quickly.

“Humanitarian aid must combine emergency relief with investment in social and economic recovery at the earliest possible stage.“

Mercy Corps' Adrian Ouvry shares why there is no time to waste,...
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In northeast Nigeria, communities displaced by Boko Haram are trying to rebuild their lives