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Michael Lincicum is known by many for the kindness he shows to staff, patients and family members who visit the Mercy Starbucks. Michael has worked at Mercy for three years and is the manager at the Mercy Starbucks. He enjoys working with compassionate people and being a positive influence for colleagues and visitors as they start their day. Thank you, Michael, for all you do at Mercy!
Ever wondered what it feels like to be inside a larger-than-life size colon? Maybe not, but why not come check one out anyway? Mercy Clinics Gastroenterology is offering you a chance to walk through a larger-than-life size colon March 27-31, in the atrium of the Mercy West building at 1601 NW 114th St., in Clive. Stop by the display from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and learn more about your risk for...
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$500 that's what Mercy employees receive when a nurse they refer to us is hired -- and another $500 on the nurse's 1 year anniversary. Know a nurse who wants to be part of the Mercy family? [ Mercydesmoines.org Link ]
#TBT To the 1950’s, as four little boys in the pediatric unit get a bedtime story. We think they look a tad bit mischievous!
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Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women in the United States. Fortunately, when detected early, colon cancer can be treated. If you’re age 50-75, talk to your doctor today or call Mercy Gastroenterology at (515) 222-7600 to see what screening option is best for you.
Are you newly expecting or planning to start a family? Consider Mercy! We offer parents many free classes, along with free tours of our birthing areas. Request a FREE packet for more information. mercy.dm/bbypkt #MommyMondays
Learn more about chemotherapy at the Wednesday, March 22, Cancer Education Series session. The program, led by Angela E. Sandre, DO, Medical Oncology and Hematology Associates, will be at 5:30 p.m. at the Mercy Health & Fitness Center, 12493 University Ave., Clive.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Lori Kennedy has held different roles throughout her 21 years at Mercy. Lori has worked as a nurse on inpatient units and is now a clinical management coordinator in our Quality Management department, where she leads our Safety Coach Program. She Lives Up by seeking new opportunities to help others. Thank you, Lori for all you do at Mercy!
Are you at high risk for colon cancer? Do you have questions about what screening option might be best for you? Check out this blog article for more information. blog.mercydesmoines.org/colon-cancer-screening-test/

Colorectal Cancer Screening: What test is right for you?

Check it out - our neuroscience center campaign is going around town, again! We see the complete picture, so you can see the world you love. [ Vimeo.com Link ]
Stop by the Mercy table and say hi to Kimberly and Jacquie at a job fair Thursday sponsored by the local NAACP at the Corinthian Baptist Church at 814 School Street in Des Moines from 9:30am-4pm.
Twelve-year-old Dakota Heimbaugh is this week's Iowa Wild Kid Captain of the game. He has severe allergy-induced asthma that requires him to get bi-weekly injections at Mercy Children's Hospital & Clinics. Dakota is in sixth grade at Indianola Middle School. For fun, Dakota enjoys basketball and soccer.

Come cheer on Dakota this Saturday as the Iowa Wild take on Milwaukee at 7 p.m.!
$500.00 -- Mercy employees receive $500 when a nurse they refer to us is hired -- and another $500 on the nurse's 1 year anniversary with us. Know a nurse who wants to be part of the Mercy family? [ Mercydesmoines.org Link ]
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Stepping On Fall Prevention Program