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Have you ever seen this weird ice formation before?

These are known as 'ice spikes', but how do they form?

As the water freezes on a cold night, it freezes around the edges of the bath and the surface water first. Sometimes the sides of the bath can freeze quicker and this forces the water inside that hasn’t frozen yet out through a weakness in the surface of the ice bath. As the water is...
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Latest figures show 2016 as one of the warmest two years on record.

The animation below shows the Met Office HadCRUT 4 annual global temperature data from 1850 to present. The size of the bubble represents the potential temperature range in any year.

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Calmer weather this week as high pressure dominates. Here's a round up of the weather for the week ahead ☁☔
❄'s cold out at the moment!❄

For many it'll be cold again tomorrow, but milder air will spread into the west through Sunday.

Will the colder weather return? Check the outlook for the next 7 days and further ahead at [ Link ]
Could you see #snow today?

⚠Latest warnings: [ Link ]
❄Chance of seeing #snow tomorrow and Friday for parts of the UK❄

Multiple warnings are in force, check the latest information for your location at [ Link ]
Will it snow where you are? Multiple wind and snow warnings have been issued. Stay up to date with the latest information at [ Link ]
Parts of the UK could see snow tomorrow. The heaviest and most frequent snow showers are likely across northern and western Scotland, Northern Ireland and around Irish Sea coasts, but eastern coasts will also be affected at times later. Parts of the south could also see snow althought amounts will be very variable, and it could turn back to sleet or rain for a time during the day in some...
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Snow forecasting in the UK
Temperatures will tumble from Wednesday as #Arctic air moves southwards. Factor in the strength of the wind and it will feel bitterly #cold.

Snow showers, gales and widespread overnight frosts will affect much of the UK. Severe Weather Warnings have been issued for wind and snow, with the heaviest and most frequent snow showers likely across northern and western Scotland, Northern Ireland and...
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There's a chance of #snow across the UK on Thursday. Further south you might see some sleet/snow but it's more likely to be wet with rain.

⚠Multiple wind and snow warnings have been issued [ Link ]
❄Chance of #snow for some by the end of the week❄

⚠Latest warnings at [ Link ]
The #jetstream will bring unsettled weather for the start of the week before moving southwards from midweek. This then brings in cold #Arctic air and with it the risk of #snow for some areas.

Warnings for snow and wind have been issued. Stay up to date with the latest information at [ Link ]
Weather looks even more stunning when viewed from above. Grab a cuppa and take a look at our top satellite images from 2016.

Want to see more? Every month we'll be sharing the best satellite images from across the globe [ Link ]
These strange 'ice pancakes' were spotted on the River Irthing earlier today.

Pancake ice is a relatively rare phenomenon that tends to occur in very cold oceans and lakes. It has most frequently seen in the Baltic Sea and around Antarctica.

It requires some rather specific conditions in order to form and can form in one of two distinct ways.

In oceans, seas and lakes the discs are created...
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❄Brrr!❄It's going to turn very cold again tonight with widespread and severe #frost across many parts of the UK.
Chance of seeing the #Aurora for parts of northern #Scotland tonight due to a minor geomagnetic storm.

Check to see if you have clear skies where you are at [ Link ]
Brrrr! It was a #cold and #frosty night across much of the UK with a low of -6.8 °C at Exeter Airport.

If you thought it was cold here, take a look at Russia. Delyankir recorded an overnight minimum of -56.3 °C!
Plans for New Years and the Bank Holiday Monday? Here's a look at the latest forecast, more details at [ Link ]