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02/22/2017 at 13:04. Facebook
The latest on Storm Doris
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Join us here at 1pm today for a Facebook Live broadcast on the latest on #StormDoris with our presenters Aidan McGivern and Alex Deakin
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#StormDoris is expected to affect the UK on Thursday. Here's where we expect the strongest winds and heaviest snowfall to be.
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⚠ #StormDoris has been officially named and is going to push in from the west on Thursday, bringing very strong winds, heavy rain as well as some snowfall in the north⚠

Multiple warnings have been issued, stay up to date with the latest information at [ Link ]
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02/20/2017 at 12:46. Facebook
After a mild start to the week, it's turning more unsettled. The culprit for the change to wet and windy weather, the #JetStream. It moves southwards, bringing low pressure systems towards us.

Stay up to date with the latest information and warnings at [ Link ]
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02/19/2017 at 13:14. Facebook
After a very mild weekend for many of us, Monday is looking even milder. The reason is that our air has come from the sub-tropics, though of course the air will have been modified as it crosses the Atlantic, losing a good deal of it's warmth. With some sunshine on Monday, we're likely to see 16 °C somewhere in southern or eastern England, that's around 9 °C above average for this time of year.
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02/17/2017 at 12:28. Facebook
Good news! We're gaining around 4 minutes of daylight every day now as we head towards #Spring.
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02/16/2017 at 14:58. Facebook
It is set to turn even milder over the coming days thanks to a warm southwesterly airflow - temperatures could reach 17 °C by Monday!
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02/16/2017 at 12:01. Facebook
Milder weather✔
Earlier sunrise✔
It’s starting to feel like spring is just around the corner
Our presenter Alex Deakin has a special #ValentinesDay forecast for you!

*Hint* turn the sound on...
❤This #ValentinesDay we want to know, what weather do you love? ❤
Turning less cold this week thanks to a change in the wind direction, with day time temperatures returning to double digits!
It's going to feel very #cold this weekend with #windchill making things feel even colder
If you love looking up at the night sky, then this week you're in for a treat.

This Friday, stargazers will be treated to three astronomical events, when a lunar eclipse, Snow moon and New Year comet will all appear on the same night.

Firstly, a lunar eclipse will take place on the same day as February's snow moon. Then the New Year comet will make its closet approach to Earth since 2011....
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Triple celestial event
Different air masses bring us different types of weather. It’s turning colder this week because of a polar continental air mass.

Air mass types
Colder weather on the way?

Temperatures are going to drop this week as cold air is dragged in from the east. It'll stay mostly dry though as high pressure dominates.
This satellite loop shows a beautiful example of low pressure winding up in the Atlantic. This system won't affect us directly but fronts in association with it will bring #wind and #rain for many today.

Love looking at weather from above? Check out our satellite image of the month [ Link ]
It’s going to be wet and windy for the rest of the week, but stories of #StormDoris being named are premature

Windy and wet weather returns
Plan ahead for the wet weather with our new app. Download for free at iOS: [ Link ] and Android: [ Link ]
A strong jet stream, with winds over 200 mph above 30,000 ft, will bring further rain and very strong winds this week, especially on Friday.

Severe weather warnings have been issued, stay up to date at [ Link ]