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Wanna talk about MGS with other super fans and streamers?
Join MSF on Discord you can! [ Link ] @MgsOuterHaven @MSF_Live

Metal Gear Solid
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Join @babyjoker0319 live with some pvp FOB runs! [ Link ]

BabyJoker0319 - Twitch
Metal Gear Solid
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It's Valentine's Day Diamond Dogs! Looking for a way to charm your buddy on the battlefield? Employ the last word in stealth infatuation!

These CB Valentines come in 4 colors & 4 item options to blend in with any celebration environment!
"Já é a segunda vez que eu consigo me aproximar do lendário Solid Snake sem ser vista"
- Meryl Silverburgh
Cosplay de kyarazure
Can you play MGR on the hardest setting? @babyjoker0319 pulls it off spectacularly! Join then live and and follow them on their Twitch stream [ Link ]
Join and follow the MGS lab stream with @Milesenberg1 [ Link ]
Catch up on the latest FOB missions with u/Elite1111111111 here: [ Link ]
Join & Follow @SGR_SEAN for some reflex free high level MGS gameplay live right now! [ Link ]
Join and Follow Live MGS extreme week w/ @Milesenberg1 [ Link ]
#MSFLIVE are running their final MGSV FOB marathon with #KCODE members!
Please #retweet - spread the word, Join us on
Support and Follow @Churchthemc as he engaged in stealthy tactics and deadly warfare: [ Link ]
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MGSV: D-Walker by Starside Armory
Ross Shaw ‏@rossdovlogs15 is going live right now with some Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain! Giving away 6 MGSV TDE codes for PS4 (Americas Region)

[ Link ]

Rossgaming15 - Twitch
Cyberman James Young is still pushing for full Titanium implants! Help a future cyborg out!

Click here to support Titanium Implants for James' Limbs by James Alexander Hepworth Young
FOB Double Resource Rewards
50% off FOB 2 or Transfer of FOB 1
Read more with u/Elite1111111111
[ Link ]

Weekly Event/FOB Info • /r/metalgearsolid
The dream is real with this epic 25 hour stream of MGS with @Milesenberg1 - Join the party [ Link ]

He also has MGSV:TDE PS4 codes to give away!
Comiket Day 3.
It was the second time I went there :3
Me as Eva from Metal Gear Solid 3.