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Follow Gojira on their trip to Los Angeles for the 2017 Grammys

What did Gojira get up to at the Grammys?
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The US Army has issued a memo banning rock and metal from being played at a military command post in Washington State.

Slipknot and Nickelback banned by US Army
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"We’re into aggression and violence. We’re our own virus."

Ice-T: Bloodlust title comes from my overview of humans
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Metallica's Master Of Puppets was released 31 years ago. And it still rules.
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Guitarist Alan Ashby addresses rumours surrounding Austin Carlile's departure.

Of Mice & Men’s Ashby insists Carlile wasn’t kicked out
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Metallica showcase their January visit to China.

Watch Metallica in Beijing recap videos
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Blackhearts focuses on the lives of three black metal fans from Iran, Colombia and Greece.

Black metal documentary Blackhearts gets DVD release
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The songs that made BABYMETAL a worldwide phenomenon.

The 10 Best Babymetal Songs Of All Time
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Machine Head's Robb Flynn on Unto The Locust, Supercharger, and how he never once wore a tracksuit.

Machine Head's Robb Flynn: "I Wasn't Allowed To Listen To Rock Music...
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Today would have been Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday.
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"I realised a long time ago that I couldn't play like my idols, and I also realised that that wasn't stopping people making mind-blowing music."

Part Chimp: 'A man-child crying out for love'
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Oakland Metro Operahouse forced to pull plug on weekend Marduk Official show after Nazi accusations directed towards band.

Marduk’s Oakland show cancelled due to security concerns
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“They weren't going to let me write what I wanted on next record."

Of Mice & Men ex Carlile expands on why he quit
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Hometruths point the crosshairs at the corruption of power in their new song Genocide.
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“I got some closure and I’m thankful I got to do what I did. I love those guys."

Guns N’ Roses: Steven Adler was lined up for reunion shows
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Tool continue work on 10,000 Days follow-up.

Tool's Keenan working on vocals for new album