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Taking inspo from @sartorialscot and checking off our to-do list before the weekend!

She says: "Afternoon working & snacking ☕ also I am literally obsessed with the @metcalfesskinny sweet & salty popcorn - the best snack ever "
Metcalfe's skinny
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If you're a Sea Salt popcorn fan, you helped us raise £50,000 for our heroes CLIC Sargent over the past three years! Thank you!!!
<3 <3 <3 ❤❤

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If you don't have a snack with your cup of tea did the tea really happen? Mrs J Mccabe knows what's up!
We liked it, so we put a ring on it!!
This snack and wrap situation sums up our weekend plans ♥ Where's the duvet at?

Thanks to @hellohollyshealth over on Insta for this pic!
Something you should know: It is possible to get lessons in circus skills.
Sign. us. up.
February 4th is World Cancer Day, and 11 children and young people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer. It can cost families an extra £600 a month as a result of a cancer diagnosis, and our charity partner CLIC Sargent does amazing work to help out affected families. Show your support and get one of their beautiful Unity Bands by following the link below, or at your local wetherspoon or...
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Unity Band® | CLIC Sargent Shop
Start the week right… under a waterfall of Dark Chocolate Corncakes!
Ever wanted to do a downward dog on the dance floor? Now's your chance, read about our Disco Yoga adventure:
Happy #NationalPopcornDay! What's your favourite Metcalfe’s Skinny flavour?
Our Guide to Owning 2017: Try something new, like a woodwork or furniture making course!

Have you started any new hobbies this year?
This Saturday is Dress Up Your Pet Day! Show us your best pet fancy dress pic and we'll share the best ones.

To kick things off here’s one of the internet’s best dressed dogs, Iggy Joey working glasses and pearls like a bawse.
Our guide to owning 2017:Try something new, like #discoyoga...
Yes, it’s a thing!
PARTY POPPERS AT THE READY! See ya later 2016!

What can't you wait for in 2017?


At work this week? Or did you work over Christmas? Well done you!

Tell us a bit about what's taking up your work hours and you could be our lucky winner. You can even share a cheeky little selfie in the comments section.

T&Cs apply:

Wishing you a poptastic Christmas from everyone at Metcalfe's skinny!
T'was the night before Christmas...
What are you hoping comes down the chimney tonight?
We love The London Cocktail Club Heritage Hemingway Daiquiri. At 185 calories, it's perfect for writing your memoirs or entertaining your calorie-counting guests.

What's your favourite cocktail? The weirder the names, the better!

35ml heritage rum
10ml Luxardo Maraschino
15ml lime juice
25ml grapefruit juice
5ml sugar syrup
Cherry to garnish
Cubed ice

Best enjoyed...
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Here’s everything you need to know about creating your own #goldleaf #popcorn decorations:

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When you go to your work's #Christmasparty and all of a sudden Steve from accounts seems a good prospect...

Have you had your Christmas party yet? How was it?