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03/26/2017 at 21:31. Facebook

1. Here is a sneak preview of the new MetService app showing the new design and multiple icons to show weather changes through the day! It will be available in the Google Play and iOS app store in early April. We hope you like it.

2. After some discussion we have decided the new version of the MetService app will be released as an update to the existing app. This will...
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Though the South Island is on the upward trend tomorrow with rain gradually clearing (apart from the east coast north of Canterbury) occasional rain continues over the North Island on Monday.

There is a risk of isolated thunderstorms over the central areas of the North Island tomorrow just as a few fine spells start appearing. The risk of thunderstorms...
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03/25/2017 at 20:11. Facebook

The radar image below shows current rainfall across the country. With a complex slow set to slowly move across the country today and tomorrow the wet conditions could last into early next week for some in the north.

Severe weather watches are out for today and tomorrow with heavy falls likely in Northland this afternoon then down into Auckland this...
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People often sound surprised when they hear that meteorologists work shifts. But, why wouldn’t we? The weather never stops.
It’s 2AM on Sunday morning and what are we doing here? The answer is: pretty much the same thing we would be doing at 9AM on a Monday morning. All the forecasts we write are monitored, and many new completely new forecasts are written in the...
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A wet end to the weekend, and a wet beginning to next week. A low pressure system off the west coast of the North Island is feeding a moist northeast flow over the upper North Island. Starting tomorrow there a front with rain and possible thunderstorms embedded in the flow will travel down the country.

A number of Severe Weather Watches are out for potential heavy rain, mostly going from...
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03/24/2017 at 20:41. Facebook
Lots going on in New Zealand this weekend!

You may have seen our post yesterday looking at how the weather may affect some events in the major cities this weekend, but there are also a whole lot of interesting things happening in some of our smaller centers - so how will they be impacted?

Otaki Kite Festival, just an hours drive north of Wellington. It will be mostly cloudy all weekend, with...
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New Zealand's official weather forecasts & warnings - Meteorological Service of New Zealand (MetService)
MetService New Zealand
03/24/2017 at 15:27. Facebook

New Zealand finds itself caught between two areas of high pressure for the next few days. One to the southwest, the other to the northeast. This leaves us saddled with a complex low pressure system which has nowhere else to go.

There’s a lot of events happening this weekend – how could they be affected by this situation?


You may have heard that Adele is...
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03/24/2017 at 04:30. Facebook

A low is once again sitting to the northwest of New Zealand, keeping the air moist and ripe for periods of rain or drizzle over the North Island and upper South Island tomorrow. The low is expected to continue to sit tight in the Tasman sea slowly flicking rain bands over the those areas exposed to the north to northeast. On Tuesday the low is predicted...
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03/24/2017 at 03:24. Facebook
Here's a time lapse video shot from Metservice HQ in Wellington today.There's plenty to see with a shallow unstable layer breaking up for a while as it flows into the harbour basin, to reveal lenticular waves in the stable westerlies aloft. Also, ferries! ^RK
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03/23/2017 at 19:25. Facebook

Most of us have heard the old rhyme "Red in the morning, shepherds warning, red at night shepherds delight" or some form of it. With a wet evening in store for a few parts of the country let's put the old saying to the test of our forecasts at

Post your pictures of the sunrise in your backyard this morning and we can check back if any precipitation...
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03/23/2017 at 01:53. Facebook
Weekend Update

Most places can expect some rain this weekend but it won’t be a complete washout. There will be dry spells in the mix too. An approaching low is forecast to become slow moving west of the North Island, dragging several bands of moisture over the country, but no region is likely to see rain all weekend.

It’s looking drier on Saturday over the upper North Island than previously...
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03/22/2017 at 04:16. Facebook
Happy World Meteorological Day, 23 March 2017! This year's theme is "Understanding Clouds", and you can find all the goodness on what MetService and WMO are doing to celebrate right here: [ Link ] ^JB

World Meteorological Day 2017: Understanding Clouds | MetService Blog
A cloudy end to the week, followed by a wet weekend

Cloud lingers over New Zealand for much of the rest of the week, although things do brighten up for a time tomorrow. This cloud is the precursor to a low that rolls in from the Tasman Sea, and will bring rain to most parts this weekend. With the flow from the northeast, the wettest places look to be around the central and upper North...
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What is Virga?

This great shot from susan scrimshaw @scrimcsue appears to show rain falling from the sky over Wainuiomata hill last night near Wellington. Nothing was picked up in the rain gauges, and it is likely that this rain evaporated before it hit the ground. This is called virga, and is a relatively common occurrence. See this blog post for another example looking like 'a row of...
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Here's Lisa with your forecast for Wednesday. There are more videos for specific locations here [ Link ] ^SG
Low Cloud and Drizzle Making its Way North

Very low cloud has been affecting parts of Buller and Westland this morning, with light rain and drizzle also in the mix. Cloud bases have been as low as 100 metres in Westport.

Tomorrow morning, this soupy air is expected to move north and affect southwestern parts of the North Island. This picture from the SnapitHD webcam shows what Greymouth...
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The Autumn Equinox occurs at 11:58 pm tonight NZ time. There are two equinoxes each year, and these represent the day and time when the overhead sun shifts from being over the southern hemisphere, to being over the northern hemisphere (or vice versa). On the Autumn Equinox, the length of our day shortens by a greater amount than any other day of the year, though...
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Did you know we issue weather based news releases at least three times a week?

They cover any significant weather expected over the coming week, as well as particular highlights or records from the previous few days. We also try to tie them in with events and holidays happening around the country.

Best of all, anyone can sign up to receive these releases for free, simply go here: [...
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Following today's weak front, which brought with it a few light showers and cooler southerly winds, a new ridge of high pressure builds over the country. A sunny autumn Sunday is forecast for most places, with those cooler southerly winds dying away.

For your full forecast see [ Link ] ^PL
As well as using our Doppler Radars to detect precipitation, such as rain or showers, we can use them to track wind changes. Today's imagery shows a southerly change moving through Cook Strait.

Plotted here is the radial velocity, where velocities of precipitation targets approaching the radar (negative values) are plotted green and those receding from the radar (positive...
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