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Let's Talk!

Read This Article And Post Your Comment ~ Michael Baisden.

Is Not Having Children A Crime? By Michael Baisden

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Don't Wait For The New Year To Hit The Gym!

Summer Is Only 7 Months Away! ~ Michael Baisden
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Through no fault of their own, people can find themselves unemployed and down on their luck. While many people choose to walk past needy people asking strangers for help, Kenyada Waters instead took the time to make a difference in one person’s life. Kenyada met Richard, who had been laid off from h...

Stranger Helps A Jobless Man Get Back On His Feet

The lungs are one of the most important part of the body's immune system. They are responsible for the distribution of oxygen into the bloodstream. That connection between the interior of the body and the exterior environment is very thin. In order to prevent diseases from traveling back and forth,…

Want to Clear Mucus From Your Lungs and Give an Instant Boost to Your Immune System? Try This!

Who can forget "Felicia" from the film, "Friday?" She was crackhead who told "Smokey" (Chris Tucker) I need to borrow your car real quick." After "Smokey" told her 'no,' "Craig" (Ice Cube) delivered his classic line that has been re-bi

WOW! Remember 'Bye Felicia' From 'Friday?' See Her TOTALLY Different Career NOW

Olive Garden Donates $5,000 To Comedian Ricky Smith's Charity After A Waitress Told Him She Didn't Like Serving Black People Olive Garden has donated $5,000 to comedian Ricky Smith's charity, after he claimed on Twitter that a African-American waitress told him she didn't like serving black people.…

Olive Garden Donates To comedian Ricky Smith’s Charity After Incident

In 1990, Ian Manuel was a 13-year-old boy who lived in a violent housing project in Tampa, Florida. One night, a mother named Debbie Baigrie was out with her girlfriends when Ian and his friends attempting to mug her. Ian shot Debbie in the mouth, knocking out her bottom teeth and gums, and ripping…

Boy Shoots Mother-Of-Two In The Face In 1990. 26 Years Later, He Kisses Her Bullet Wound

Mall Of America Is Making History With Its First Ever Black Santa.
The hospital staff didn't expect this to unfold when an abandoned boy was brought in.

Officer brings abandoned boy to hospital. Then, staff finds him like this in room

Another Last Hurrah! President Obama And Michelle Attend Their Final Kennedy Center Honors To pay Tribute To Al Pacino, Mavis Staples, James Taylor, And The Eagles Barack Obama has crossed one more event off his list of lasts, attending his final Kennedy Center Honors gala as president on Saturday n...

President Obama Attends Final Kennedy Center Honors Gala As President

Every little girl grows up thinking that her daddy hangs the moon and the stars. After all, when you’re just a little one, your dad is the one you trust to keep you safe no matter what. But your dad isn’t necessarily the man whose genetic material you share. Your dad is the guy who...

Man And Baby Girl Aren’t Related At All, But They Are ‘Daddy And Daughter’

"Santa Is White. This One Would Steal Presents": Racists Target Mall Of America After They Employed Their First Ever Black Father Christmas A Minnesota mall's decision to hire its first-ever black Santa has resulted in an appalling racist backlash. This week Mall of America announced that it had hir...

Racists Target Mall Of America For Hiring Their First Black Santa

Ka-Blam!!!! ~ Michael Baisden
Good Morning Family!

Women constantly say, “I don’t need a man!” And for some that may be true, but if you want someone special to come into your life stop saying you don’t. Words have power!
Children are not only incredibly resilient, but they’re also incredibly smart. Much smarter than we often give them credit for. We’ve seen, time and time again, that when faced with situations that they are far too young to understand (or should ever have to deal with), kids often make the right cho...

This 4-Year-Old Girl’s Pregnant Mom Had A Seizure. Her Reaction? Unbelievable!!

When Oprah Winfrey talks, many people listen. The beloved mogul is a continuous source of inspiration for millions – hence why her words of wisdom were even found on Starbucks coffee sleeves. She just leaves many speechless when she speaks, like the time she taught us a powerful lesson about the way...

In 1990, A Man Told Oprah THIS About Forgiveness And Changed Her Life Forever.

Teacher Arrested After Breaking The Jaw Of 7-Year-Old Boy And Knocking Out Two Of His Teeth As He "Disciplined Him For Being Disruptive In Class" A Baltimore teacher has been arrested for breaking a seven-year-old boy's jaw and knocking out several of his teeth. Timothy Randall Korr, 25, is charged…

Teacher Arrested After Breaking The Jaw Of 7-Year-Old Boy

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately gotten the sense that something was somehow "off"? Call it intuition or bad vibes, but it all means the same thing-- you were picking up on negative energy. Over time, homes can develop that same unpleasant, "off" feeling, which may contribute to str...

Put a Glass of Water with Grain Salt, Vinegar, and Water in Any Part of Your House. After 24 Hours, You'll Be Very Surprised!

Many marriages end up in divorce due to infidelity and betrayal. There are still a few individuals that feel marriage is forever no matter what. In this article she was sleeping with her husband’s best friend and here’s what happened.

She was Sleeping with Her Husband’s Bestfriend. When Her Hubby Called, Her Heart Broke to

The Color Purple film is one of those movies that will always hold a special place in our hearts. Ever since 1985 it's been a cult classic. There were many memorable characters in the film and one of the most memorable ones was the young "Celie." Remember her? She played the younger v

"Celie" Was Called "Ugly" in "The Color Purple" But Check Her Out NOW!