Michael Clifford
03/22/2017 at 06:11. Facebook
50% confused 50% baffled 10% water
listening to records on the floor. thank you to Hutch App for making it actually feel like home
You guys deserve this award [ Votenow.tv Link ]
this is what i looked like recording the second album. i look somewhat similar to this now except i am recording the third album.
repost from my mom Vol. 2
‪i'm supporting the #ENDITmovement ❌ be an #ENDITambassador with me. please take a moment to learn about it here > [ Enditmovement.com Link ] ❤‬
shave, you dummy : @jordenkeith
beach gothin'. : @jordenkeith
happy Valentine's Day to my lovely girl. thanks for putting up with me. you're the best ❤????
one day late for national pizza day but every day is pizza day in my world
mondays... am i right?
and by magic i appear from the rainbows. hi facebook
couple of dudes doin' dude stuff
Repost from my mom
alright, vacation for me is over. the past 12 months has been quite a life changing experience for me, I feel like I've grown into the person I was meant to be. if you don't know, we (5sos) have taken the past 3 and a half months off to really gather ourselves, and to find where we sit in amongst a normal(-ish) life. as you can imagine touring for 5 years straight can take a toll on you...
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we did a song with our friends in @oneokrockofficial called 'Take What You Want' on their new album that just came out. every single one of you should check it out
took a #selfiewithwayan on a scary as shit gondola. thank you to @theungasan for another incredible stay
after vacationing a few times now, I have realized that I might actually be allergic to the sun. #faceyourfears
thank you to @ambalamavilla for the wonderful time