Yes plz
We're going to be live on FOX Sports NASCAR NASCAR on FOX
Daughter: did you rub in your sunscreen really good?
Dad: sure did

Later that same day
Daughter: no you didn't
Racing is hard. We much have fun prior to all the seriousness. Thanks to all my friends that made my last one great. Aaron's Inc.
Power plants
Teammates are the best. This is my NASCAR on FOX partner Karin. She makes things happen. Thanks to all the #FOX team for all you do! FS1 NASCAR Daytona International Speedway
That s*#t hurt.
Hey Mike why didn't you play bball? Because of people like Frank. @charlottehornets
Need a great big building conveniently located in Cornelius, NC? I have one.
Watch The #wkcdogshow on FS1 with your best friend.
No more eggs and bacon for me for a while.
Can't wait to race this baby in my 30th and final Daytona International Speedway 500. Thanks Aaron's Inc. Toyota Racing NASCAR