Words of wisdom to the liberal rabble rousers......
Sen. Al "Stuart Smalley" Franken used the confirmation hearings of Jeff Sessions to trash the prospective attorney general. Then, Sen. Ted Cruz showed up, and things changed fast.

Take a look at what happened when Cruz stood up for Donald J. Trump's cabinet pick...

WATCH: Franken Trashes Sessions, Then Ted Cruz Shows Up and Destroys Him

Meryl Streep and her fellow liberal elites have no idea what courage really looks like.

PHOTO: Wounded Warrior Slaps Down Meryl Streep... Posts 1 Pic That DESTROYS Her

Everything liberals predicted about Trump has been WRONG, WRONG,WRONG!

HE DID IT: Mexico Comes to Table, Tells Trump They'll Discuss the Wall

The new Congress has only been sworn in for a little over a week, but new Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer has already made a fool of himself on social media. When he hit a wrong key on his keyboard, he accidentally sent a bad message to millions of his followers... and it said exactly what the Democrats didn't want America to know.

Schumer Hits Wrong Key on Keyboard, Accidentally Sends Sick Message to Millions

Let's have a little fun on the last Friday before Election Day: Describe the election using only a movie title

"The outreach aspect of my Fulbright U.S. Student grant centered on areas that I have been passionate about over my life: mentorship and teaching. I developed a Lego Mindstorms STEM outreach program for high school students..."

Read more about #Fulbright U.S. Student Researcher to South Africa, Mathieu Davis, who split his time between his research of testing knee replacement implants and his...
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Happy Labor Day from the #Fulbright Program!