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Who smashed their Saturday workout? Xx
Is it necessary to ditch sugar completely from your diet - especially at this time of year? Here are the facts Xx

Should you REALLY quit sugar?

REVEALED! Here's what's on the menu for 12WBT this Christmas!

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β€œI feel more confident in myself and my self esteem is rising by the day. I can now confidently join a gym and start doing some classes such as Body Pump!”
Janet, who is recovering from her battle with cancer, is now in the best shape of her life. It doesn’t have to be big weight loss - it’s all about what is right for YOU.

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It's SO easy to slip back into bad habits the minute you're on holiday! Here's how to avoid that slip-up x

How to Workout on Holiday

This is the HARDEST time of the year to stay on-track, focused and clear-headed. But you can do it, and it'll be worth it x
Here's some delicious Christmas Day inspiration to keep the calories in check Xx

6 Healthy Side Dishes for Christmas

Some made sense, some were downright odd!
But what actually worked? Xx

We Rate The Biggest Health Food Trends of 2016

12WBTer Sharon's Day on a Plate looks seriously good! (Left to right: bircher muesli with fresh mango, a coffee by the beach, beef and bean chilli, fried rice with egg).
She's customised the recipes to use seasonal produce, which is a great idea! Xx
PHENOMENAL work @jayne12wbt! You look so confident, strong and happy Xx
Here's my advice for actually ENJOYING the Christmas season - without falling into the same traps!
(Sound ON for this one!) x
We all know that one person who INSISTS you have an extra slice x

Is Someone Trying to Sabotage Your Diet?

Get your mind right, and your body will follow Xx
This quick, effective workout is EVEN BETTER when done in a Santa hat! Perfect for boosting your energy and keeping your goals on track ;)
Morning breakky, courtesey of Susan, aka @wedded_bliss_and_2_little_miss! These berry and oat muffins are a great energy boost after a morning workout session Xx
Getting kids to enjoy healthy food is no mean feat! These dinner ideas should mean clean plates all round Xx

Kids Choose Their Favourite 12WBT Recipes

Aim higher. Push harder. Don't be afraid to fail.
This salad is a GREAT option for a bring-a-plate lunch! Serves 10 x

Free 12WBT Recipe: Roasted Tomato, Prawn & Avocado Salad