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Kathryn, aka @yummykitkat79 has lost 40kg and regained her confidence - "Never thought I'd ever wear a cossie again let alone a bikini!" she says.

AWESOME work Kathryn! Xx
Here's your weekly challenge! See if you can perfect your push-up technique for maximum results x
Tired? Here are 8 excellent ways to catch better Zs!

8 Tips To Have You Sleeping Like a Baby

Sounds strange - but it's SO TRUE! Stock up on healthy foods, plan your meals and clean out those cupboards, and you're halfway there! x
We've ALL been there - a well-meaning comment about our weight that stings to the core. Here's one woman's experience with 'well-meaning' body-shaming Xx

Stop Body Shaming and Start Celebrating our Bodies!

Believe it or not, following these rules when grocery shopping will make your life a lot easier - and healthier! x

How to Grocery Shop like a Champion

Now get up and SMASH that Saturday workout! x
Whether you're in your 20s, 40s or 60s, here are the KEY areas to focus on to ensure long-term health x

How to Make Your Next Decade Your Best

Think twice before you reach for that 3pm pick-me-up! x
Don't give in to comparisons Xx
Feeling hungry, tired or irritable instead of energised from your new routine? Don't panic - it's normal. Here's how to cope x

How to Handle Early Weight Loss 'Blues'

"'Life happens' moments no long take over me, because I found the determination to build a strong body and mind this round. Previously I would get myself all worked up/down over things that I couldn't control in life and let those feelings consume me."

Awesome work, Jen!! It's not always about the physical benefits - it can be about building a strong mind, to cope with whatever life throws...
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Feeling under the pump this week? Here's how to make meal time less stressful Xx

10 Meal Prep Tips For Busy Parents

Had SUCH a blast filming the new 12WBT commercial!! Not least because I got to hang out with some truly inspirational members, who are always such a joy to work with. It's all about BECOMING your best in 2017, baby! Xx
Constantly feel like you waste your weekends? Try these 10 things x

10 Ways to Have a Healthier Weekend - 12WBT

"I can actually make nutritious meals, even my three male housemates all love when I cook. Another amazing life skill 12WBT has taught me!"
Awesome work, Emily! Xx
Persistence, resilience and positivity - all these extraordinary 12WBTers showed this in spades. So proud Xx

Congratulations to our September Award Winners!

LOVE this - and it applies to all areas of life, whether it's physical pain from pushing yourself in your workouts to emotional pain. Hang in there this week Xx
Swap that same-same break for a luxury walking holiday in 2017 Xx

Top 3 Walking Holidays in Australia - 12WBT

I know you can - now smash that workout! Xx