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"I wanted to lose weight after breaking my arm mid last year. I bought some new scales, stood on them and promptly returned them, asking for a refund as I thought they were faulty. They weren’t lying, I was – to myself. 11 weeks into October Round, I have lost 10kg and 39cm, not including the fat lost from my face, neck, feet, wrists and hands – I am stunned!"
Ah-mazing work from Sandra!! When...
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4x FREE 12WBT One-Pot Wonder Recipes!
"After three consecutive rounds of 12WBT I have lost 52kg and have lost a massive 168cm from my body! I’ve gone from a very tight size 26 to a size 12. My fitness score has gone from 0 to 74 in just three rounds. My advice? What are you waiting for?"

Seriously can't get enough of Sandy's absolutely INCREDIBLE transformation. This woman is a total legend Xx
The answer's complicated, but this simple formula is a good place to start Xx

How Many Calories Do You Really Need?
"I’m halfway to my goal which hopefully I will achieve by the end of next round. I go to the gym five days a week – kind of addicted to that now and getting a lot stronger! Showing my kids a healthy way to live is important."
Awesome work Phil! Xx