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Because it gives a helluva
-Glute/Leg press in the assisted chin machine‍♀
-Ejercicio de gluteos y piernas en la maquina de chins‍♀
Michelle Lewin
02/23/2017 at 00:38. Facebook
And the winners of 3 brand new Lewin Fitness Platform have been announced???? Check who won!!
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Michelle Lewin
02/21/2017 at 18:22. Facebook
Never a dull moment
Michelle Lewin
02/20/2017 at 17:54. Facebook
Amazing weekend with BASE
-Fin de semana espectacular! Gracias a todos por venir!
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Michelle Lewin
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About last night...
-Cuando escucho Shakira & MALUMA ✌
-Whenever #Chantaje goes on ????
Walk on by
Ab shaping by the pool✌#TopQualityGuaranteed
-More than 100 home exercise variations with
-Ejerecicio de abs! Hay mas que 100 variaciónes de ejercícios con Lewin Fitness Platform
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You-know-what sunday
#BootyBlaster: ejercicio de gluteos
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Ahora TU entrenas conmigo GRATIS 7 dias
As abs as it as... Ab leg lift
-Ejercicio de abs (nivel avanzado)
Full core blaster in 4 steps!
Entrenamiento completo de abs en 4 pasos!
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Fit is the new skinny
Prepare for weird looks:
Standing hip abductors: a personal fav✌
-Preparate para las miradas extrañas:
ejercicio de gluteos para una buena forma
Hamstring curl with Lewin Fitness Platform
-Ejercicio de femoral!
Leggy for the weekend
Combination Biceps & Back(espalda)
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